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Nov 01, 2020
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Imam Hassen Chalghoumi, President Of The Conference Of Imams Of France: Political Islam Is The Cancer Of This Nation; The Muslim Brotherhood Should Be Outlawed, Affiliated Organizations Dissolved

#8425 | 03:03
Source: Sky News Arabia (UAE)

French-Tunisian Islamic scholar Hassen Chalghoumi, President of the Conference of Imams of France, said in a November 2, 2020 interview on Sky News Arabia (UAE) that political Islam is a cancer in France and that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the Muslim Brotherhood, and Qatar's Al-Jazeera Network are behind a planned campaign that promotes a "discourse of victimhood." Chalghoumi said that political Islam and the far left have instilled a sense of victimhood in Muslim youth and caused them to believe that they really are the victims of colonialism, Freemasonry, and Zionism. He argued that this mentality creates an "internal impulse for revenge" against France. In addition, Chalghoumi said that the Muslim Brotherhood-led countries and organizations, which he referred to as the "leaders of the devils," send innocent youth to do their bidding and carry out attacks. Furthermore, he said that the Muslim Brotherhood must be outlawed in France and that its affiliated organizations must be dissolved.

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Hassen Chalghoumi: "Political Islam, unfortunately, is the cancer of this nation, and it is the reason for all these disasters. For about three weeks, there has been a planned and organized campaign, conducted by Erdogan, the head of the Muslim Brotherhood, as well as by Al-Jazeera and many other channels, focusing on the discourse of victimhood and on fanning the flames. This was felt especially after the speech by President Emmanuel Macron at the funeral of the teacher who was beheaded. It was political Islam that created this hatred and this conflict.


"The rhetoric of victimhood and injustice espoused by political Islam and especially the Muslim Brotherhood and the extremist left… The extensive use of this discourse and the brainwashing have caused many young people, in France and throughout Europe – people with identity problems, as well as problems at home, and who are completely ignorant in of the Islamic religion… It made them believe that they really are victims – the victims of the colonialism of 70 years ago, Freemasonry, and Zionism, the victims of what's happening in Gaza, and so on and so forth… They really believe, in their hearts, that they are victims. This feeling gives these young people an urge to take revenge. Revenge against whom? Against their own society, against the people.


"The leaders of the devils [from the political Islam movements] do not carry out the attacks themselves but send innocent young people to do it. When this Chechen, for example, was 12 years old, he was innocent, but at the age of 18, he became a monster that beheaded a teacher in the heart of Paris.


"For years, we have been explaining to the French politicians the danger of what Qatar, the devil's advocate, is doing and funding. Yesterday, for example, President Macron was interviewed on Al-Jazeera. I talked with his advisors and asked them how he can appear on a channel that spreads propaganda and animosity. For days, this channel has been inciting and calling for a boycott of French products. What was the response [of Macron's advisors]? They said that he wanted to speak to his enemies on their own channel, and maybe this way they would all get the message. What do we need to do? Take the CCIF, for example. It is an anti-Islamophobia organization… The Interior Minister called to dissolve this organization and many others. A law must be legislated, hopefully before December 9, that would outlaw the Muslim Brotherhood and dissolve all its affiliated organizations."

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