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Dec 24, 2014
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France Friday Sermon: Muslims Are Forbidden to Celebrate Christmas and New Year's Eve

#4687 | 02:55
Source: Online Platforms

In a sermon delivered in Grande Mosquée d'Echirolles à Grenoble, Sheik Younes Laaboudi Laghzawi said that Muslims were forbidden to emulate the Christians and should not celebrate their holidays. "The scholars... are in consensus that it is forbidden to celebrate Christmas or New Year's Eve," he said.


Following are excerpts from the sermon, which was posted on the Internet on December 25, 2014:


Younes Laaboudi Laghzawi: I am sad to say that most of the Muslims refrain from complying with the shari'a and its rulings. They jump at the chance to emulate [the infidels], and to celebrate their holidays, which exist nowhere in our law, even though our religion warned us against imitating the others, whoever they may be – Jews, Christians, infidels, or Buddhist. Our religion instructed us to refrain from imitating them, in any aspect of their life. Despite this, my brothers, there are Muslims who jump at the chance and compete between themselves to celebrate the so-called Christmas or Noël.








Our religion has made it forbidden to imitate and resemble the others. Our Lord says: "Oh you who believe, do not take the Jews or the Christians as friends. They are friends of one another." Note that He further says: "And whosoever among you takes them for friends is indeed one of them." God forbid. Our Prophet Muhammad said: "Whoever emulates these people becomes one of them."



Therefore, dear brothers, the Quran, the hadith, and the consensus among the nation… The scholars of all the schools – the Maliki, the Hanbali, the Hanafi, and the Shafe'i – are in consensus that is forbidden to celebrate Christmas or New Year's Eve. It is forbidden, in the very full sense of the word.





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