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Dec 05, 2010
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Fouad Jamal Abd Al-Qader, Head of Egyptian National Program for Legislative Reforms: Israel Is the Source of the Wikileaks Documents

#2718 | 01:28
Source: Egyptian TV

Following are excerpts from an interview with Fouad Jamal Abd Al-Qader, head of the Egyptian National Program for Legislative Reforms, which aired on Egypt TV on December 6, 2010:

Fouad Jamal Al-Qader: In my view, Israel is the source [of the Wikileaks documents]. Today, the Zionist lobby controls the entire world. We need to emphasize this point. They do whatever they like. What was the goal of the revelations about Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and the other Arab countries on this website, and the publication of some confidential documents? The goal was to destabilize the regimes of these countries.

Interviewer: But documents were published about Russia, France, and many countries.

Fouad Jamal Al-Qader: Even so, I am telling you... I consider this to be a form of piracy. How did they get their hand on these documents? These documents were kept by the CIA. Somebody must have taken them from there, in order to publish them on this website.


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