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May 10, 2015
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Former Yemeni President Saleh Denounces Saudi Bombardment of His Home

#4897 | 01:02
Source: Yemen Today (Yemen)

On May 10, former Yemeni president Ali Abdallah Saleh denounced the Saudi bombardment of his home, saying: "An attack on me is an attack on our country and on all its citizens." Saleh pledged that the Al-Saleh Foundation would donate a million dollars to help Yemeni refugees return to their country.

Following are excerpts from his message, which was broadcast by Yemen Today TV.

Ali Abdallah Saleh: This is an unjustified and deplorable act against the Yemeni people. I am one of the Yemeni people. Therefore, an attack on me is an attack on our country and on all its citizens.


I have allied myself with Ansar Allah, but today I declare, from here, that the entire Yemeni people will ally itself with whoever defends the country's capabilities.


I declare on behalf of the Al-Saleh Foundation, that we are donating one million dollars to the people stranded in Cairo, in India, and anywhere in the world, so that they can return to Yemen.


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