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Sep 21, 2004
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Former UN Secretary General Boutros Ghali: US is not a Democracy When it Comes to the Outside World

#270 | 02:03
Source: Mehwar TV (Egypt)

The following are excerpts from an interview with former UN secretary-general Boutrous Boutrous Ghali who is also chairman of the Egyptian National Human Rights Council:

Ghali: I lived in America. In America there is a democratic regime. Outside America, the American policy is not democratic. Within America they do indeed have a democratic regime, despite the emergency laws and so on. Inside they have a democratic regime but outside America the regime isn't democratic. It's a totalitarian regime. Decisions are made unilaterally. They oppose multi-nationalism, even though multi-nationalism, according to the UN charter is the philosophy of democracy, it is dialogue.

The American tyranny isn't based on US military, scientific, or economic power. There's another reason: the submission of the other superpowers to the American leadership. Europe, Russia, China, India, Brazil, these are the superpowers. They have surrendered.

Interviewer: Don't avoid the question, what would you do [in place of Kofi Annan]?

Ghali: No, I am answering you now. The UN Secretary General could have – to some extent, either he would have succeeded or not – unify these countries.


Ghali: As UN Secretary General, he can contact these countries and try to establish a united front, to support these countries, and to supply them with information that will unite them. He can serve as a common denominator that will help these countries to unite, so they can reach an agreement and reduce the American tyranny.

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