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Mar 10, 2020
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Former Tunisian MP Leila Chettaoui: Erdoğan Protects ISIS, Al-Qaeda Members; Turkey Facilitated Entry into Syria for People Wanting to Join ISIS

#7883 | 02:50
Source: Telvza TV (Tunisia)

On March 10, 2020, former Tunisian MP Leila Chettaoui, in an interview on Telvza TV (Tunisia), condemned Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan for sending the Turkish military to Idlib, Syria, saying that Erdogan only did this to "protect the ISIS members that were there." Chettaoui further said that during throughout the civil war in Syria, Erdogan's Turkey provided jihadis with "easy passage to the fighting and terror..."

Leila Chettaoui: "We condemn Erdogan's entry [into Idlib]… I'm saying 'Erdogan,' and I'm not talking about Turkey, or about the Turkish people. I'm talking about Erdogan and his entry into Syrian territory. What was he trying to protect by doing this? He did this in order to protect Idlib... He didn't do this in order to protect the people living in Idlib. Rather, he did it in order to protect the ISIS members that were there. He is committed... He has a mission and he will see it through to the end."

Interviewer: "So you believe that Erdogan's interference is in order to protect the ISIS members?"

Leila Chettaoui: "We know that the Tunisians who traveled to Syria [to join ISIS] were not able to go there directly. They traveled from Tunisia to Syria by way of Turkey. Turkey provided people with easy passage to the fighting and terror in Syria. Everybody knows that Turkey played a role in enabling our young people to travel to Syria. Today, it has a new role. What is this role? It is the protection of this auxiliary army, as we call it. It is an auxiliary army of terrorists and ISIS members. There are Al-Qaeda members there alongside ISIS. The Nusra Front, which was in Syria, had Al-Qaeda terrorists, not ISIS members. At the beginning, they were from Al-Qaeda. Why is it important to talk about Al-Qaeda? Because when they want to come back, they can link up with their people here in Tunisia, and in North Africa in general. North Africa is Al-Qaeda's [base of operations], and Al-Qaeda is the greatest threat."

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