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Jul 09, 2019
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Former Taliban Official Muhammad Nabi Omari Claims U.S. Supports ISIS in Afghanistan, Says: 60-70% of Afghanistan Controlled by Taliban; Our Goal is to Establish an Islamic State

#7372 | 03:28
Source: Russia Today TV (Russia)

Muhammad Nabi Omari, the Taliban's border police chief from 1996 to 2001, said in a July 9, 2019 interview on Russia Today TV that Afghan President Ashraf Ghani controls less than half of Kabul and that he cannot operate in other provinces or districts in Afghanistan because the Afghan people do not listen to him or recognize his authority. Omari said that every province in Afghanistan has its own independent government and that 60-70% of Afghanistan is controlled by the Taliban. Omari also claimed that the U.S. cooperates with Ghani's government to transport ISIS members between Afghanistan's provinces, and he said that there are rumors that the U.S. has opened camps for ISIS throughout Afghan territory. He also said that Afghanistan's intelligence agencies support, arm, and finance ISIS. Omari added that the Taliban's goal in fighting America is to establish an Islamic state. Omari was held for 12 years in Guantanamo Bay and was released om 2014 in an exchange for Bowe Berghdal.


Interviewer: "Is [Ashraf] Ghani's government aware that opium is being smuggled from Afghanistan by way of the Americans?"


Muhammed Nabi Omari: "Poor Ghani… He controls half of Kabul or even less. He cannot operate in other provinces and districts. He has no say there. No one listens to him or obeys him there. Every province has an independent government. Ghani says that he is the president, but the people are not listening to him or obeying him."


Interviewer: "So most of Afghanistan's territory is controlled by the Taliban?"


Muhammed Nabi Omari: "Yes. Between 60% to 70% of the land is controlled by the Islamic Emirate."




Interviewer: "There are reports that claim that the Unites States moved a group of ISIS members to Afghanistan. Is that true?"


Muhammed Nabi Omari: "Ministers and officials in the Ghani government in Kabul admit that America supports ISIS and that it transports ISIS members between provinces in its airplanes. The best example of this is from a few months ago, before Ramadhan, when [the Taliban] fought ISIS in the provinces of Jowzan and Faryab. When [we] managed to lay a siege and close down on them, they called Kabul's intelligence [agency], which called the American intelligence [agencies]. They told them that [Taliban] mujahideen are fighting and capturing them, and they asked for help. So the Americans flew [the ISIS fighters] from there to Kabul, and to this day we do not know where they are. However, from time to time we hear that [the Americans] opened camps for them in provinces like Herat, Kunar, Laghman, and elsewhere. The Americans support ISIS – there is no doubt about it. The Afghani intelligence [agencies] support, arm, and finance ISIS.




"We want to fight America in order to establish an Islamic state in Afghanistan. It does not have to be call the 'Islamic Emirate'… An Islamic Republic… It does not have to be an 'Islamic Caliphate' or anything of that sort. As long as the first part of the name is 'Islamic,' the second part is not important."

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