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Jan 08, 2012
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Former Saudi MP Muhammad Aal Zulfa: Iran's Nuclear Aspirations Are Directed against the Countries in the Region and Will Lead to Nuclear Proliferation There

#3264 | 02:03
Source: Alaan TV (UAE)

Following are excerpts from an interview with former Saudi MP Muhammad Aal Zulfa, which aired on Alaan TV on January 8, 2012:

Muhmmad Aal Zulfa: In my view, nobody in the world believes Iran. In its recent report, the IAEA said the final word in this regard. Unfortunately, Iran's political ideology is based on lies, on deceit, on concealment of their true beliefs, and other things that they invent, even when it comes to political matters.

Therefore, no matter how much they try to escape reality, there are countries that vigilant, and the IAEA is doing good work in following the matter, and has provided unambiguous evidence that Iran is working seriously on producing a [nuclear] bomb, with which it wishes to humiliate all the peoples and countries of the region. This bomb will not be directed against an enemy. It will not be directed against the West or Israel. Iran entertains historical dreams of having the upper hand and final word in this region.


Iran will undoubtedly lead the countries of the region to obtain the same kind of weapon, with which to threaten Iran. The goal will not be to threaten Iran, but to have the capabilities to deter it.


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