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Aug 16, 2022
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Former Russian Diplomat Col. (Ret.) Sergey Vorobyov: It Is Time For Russia To Export S-300, S-400 Air Defense Systems To Iran

#9771 | 02:09
Source: Alghad (UAE/Egypt)

Former Russian diplomat Colonel (Ret.) Sergey Vorobyov said in an August 16, 2022 show on Alghad TV (UAE/Egypt) that the time has come for Russia to give defensive weapons, including S-300 and S-400 air defense systems, to Iran. He pointed out that Russia has already given such systems to Turkey, and that Iran is a nearby ally. Vorobyov also recalled that under President Medvedev, Russia had intended to export S-300 systems to Iran, but that the deal was called off due to Western pressure, and he said that the time has come to revisit the issue.

Sergey Vorobyov: "I believe that the time has come to give Russian defensive weapons [to Iran] — and especially the newest types of air-defense systems. I mean, first and foremost, the S-300 and S-400 systems. How is it that we export these weapons to Turkey, but not to Iran? After all, Iran is a friendly country that is close by.

"One could say that Iran is our neighbor in the South Caucasus. I believe that the time has come to resolve this chronic problem. I remember the promises that Russia made about a decade ago, when Dmitry Medvedev was president. We were supposed to export S-300 systems to Iran. However, in light of the pressure by the so-called 'collective West,' the deal was, unfortunately, called off. The time has come to revisit this matter."

Interviewer: "Could that include the S-400 missile system as well?"

Vorobyov: "Even the S-400. I say it again, there are S-400 missile [batteries] in Turkey, which is a NATO member."

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