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Feb 27, 2022
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Former Russian Ambassador To Lebanon Alexander Zasypkin On Russia-Ukraine Conflict: Russia's Goal Is To Demilitarize Ukraine And 'Remove Nazism'

#9390 | 02:24
Source: Al-Jamahiriya TV (Libya)

Former Russian Ambassador to Lebanon Alexander Zasypkin said in a February 27, 2022 interview on Al-Jadeed TV (Lebanon) that Russia invaded Ukraine because the Ukrainian military has been continuously shelling population centers in Donbas. He said that since the West controls the media, the world did not see this and the other “crimes” of the Ukrainian military and “extremist groups in Donbas." Zasypkin also said that the goal of Russia's military operation in Ukraine is to disarm or demilitarize Ukraine, and to "remove Nazism” from it. He elaborated that while demilitarizing Ukraine is a clear goal, the "removal of Nazism” in Ukraine is a long-term task, and it is not clear how it will be achieved. Zasypkin added that there is a confrontation between the West and Russia, and that the West has been using Ukraine as a "spearhead." For more information on Alexander Zaspykin, see MEMRI TV clips Nos. 8006, 7746, 6928, 6736, 6515, 6273, 6204, 6106, 5419, 5360, and 5165.


Alexander Zasypkin: "The shelling of population centers in Donbas by Ukraine has been continuous. Unfortunately, the world has not seen this because the West controls the media. Therefore, this was known only in Russia and in Donbas – all the crimes of the [Ukrainian] army and especially of the extremist groups in Donbas. So we are referring to what is happening now as a military effort to end the war that has been going on for eight years.


"As is well known, the goals of the military operation are to pave the ground for the disarmament or demilitarization of Ukraine, and the removal of Nazism in Ukraine. These are big goals. While the first goal – the demilitarization – is more or less clear, and the destruction of the military infrastructure strives to achieve this, the second goal – the removal of Nazism in Ukraine – is a huge, long term task, and it is not clear how it will be achieved.


"There is a confrontation between Russia and the West. The West is expanding and attacking, and now it is using Ukraine as a spearhead against Russia."

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