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Apr 23, 2004
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Former President of Al-Azhar University Ahmad 'Omar Hashem Refers to Suicide Bombers in a Friday Sermon

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Source: Channel 1 (Egypt)

April 23, 2004 Channel 1 Egyptian TV

On April 23, 2004, Channel 1 of Egyptian TV aired a Friday sermon from a Sinai mosque, delivered by Sheikh Ahmad 'Omar Hashem, the former president of Al-Azhar University. Following is a verbatim translation of excerpts from the sermon:

b>Dr. Ahmad ?Omar Hashem: We ask of our believing brothers not to forsake Jerusalem. We want our believing brothers to see their brothers in the occupied land, who have no support and no weapons, no money, and no (assistance) in the struggle. They have nothing except for their souls and their bodies, which they turn into a weapon and blow themselves up before the enemy in defense of their honor and their stolen land. Shall we not stand by them as Mujaheedin?

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