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Nov 07, 2004
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Former PLO Representative: National Unity will be "Easier" When Arafat Dies

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Source: Al-Manar TV (Lebanon)
Shafiq Al-Hut Former PLO Representative in Lebanon Al-Manar TV (Lebanon) November 7, 2004

Shafiq Al-Hut: I think that if Abu Ammar disappears from the scene it will make the process of national unity easier. I think he was not serious about establishing new relations and a leadership that allows for the existence of influential [differing] opinions. He became accustomed - may Allah give him long life - to rule alone. Abu Ammar was able, up to the last moment, to face the Executive Committee… There is no Executive Committee without Yasser Arafat. The Executive Committee could never dispute a decision of Yasser Arafat. He was an historical man, a national man, a great symbol, of great importance, whom it was difficult to oppose. He overshadowed many. Which successor will now enjoy such power?

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