May 30, 2008
Clip No.

Former Lebanese Prime Minister Michel Aoun Explains Why He Has Turned His Back on the West and Forged an Alliance with Hizbullah, Syria, and Iran

Following is an excerpt from an address delivered by former Lebanese PM General Michel Aoun, head of the Free Patriotic Movement, which aired on OTV on May 30, 2008:

Former Lebanese PM General Michel Aoun: We chose this long-term political option, because we knew that the interests of the West do not lie with us. Its interests lie with Israel, on the one hand, and with the oil, on the other hand. We are not included among its interests at present. The only thing it cares about is resolving the problem of Israel at our expense, through the naturalization of the Palestinians in Lebanon, and pleasing the oil-producing countries, because its material interests lie there. Therefore, we had to choose a policy of coordination with all elements of Lebanese society, and with our neighboring countries, in order to build strong, solid, and mutual relations. Lebanese society in general, and the Christians in particular, are not used to this, and therefore, it has aroused fear and concern. However, our confidence in ourselves, in the choice we made, and in our views have made it possible for us to stand before you, and to ask you to give the efforts we are undertaking a chance. A short while ago, in Doha, we saw the results.

All the Christians in the Middle East... All the Christians in the Middle East are fleeing, while the Christians of Lebanon are returning. The forecasts of the entire world... For 25-35 years, we have been reading that the Christians in the Middle East are becoming extinct. Western policies have led the Christians in the Middle East towards extinction. Western policies have not left a single Christian in Palestine and the holy places. Western policies have not left a single Christian in Iraq. They intended to get rid of us by marginalizing us, and by treating us as a superfluous element in society.