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Jun 30, 2019
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Former Lebanese MP Sejaan Azzi: Palestinians' Presence in Lebanon Hasn't Helped Their Cause; They Should "Re-Disperse" to Countries Where They'll Lead Better Lives

#7352 | 01:57
Source: Al-Jadeed TV (Lebanon)

Former Lebanese MP Sejaan Azzi said in a June 30, 2019 interview on Al-Jadeed/New TV (Lebanon) that the presence of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon has not brought the liberation of Palestine closer or given Palestinian refugees honorable lives. He also said that the Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon actually harm the Palestinian cause. He argued that the Palestinians in Lebanon should "re-disperse" to countries that can offer them honorable lives such as rich countries, less-populated countries, and countries with oil.

Sejaan Azzi: "[I ask] our Palestinian brothers living on Lebanese land: Do you think that – between 1948-9 and now – you have succeeded in securing life of honor for Palestinians in Lebanon? Has your presence in Lebanon brought you closer to returning to Palestine? Has your presence in Lebanon brought about the liberation of Palestine?"

Host: "But they have no other option..."

Sejaan Azzi: "Allow me to finish. The answer is 'no.' [Their] presence in Lebanon, like in Syria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, or Australia... Furthermore, the Palestinians that moved to Europe or America and succeeded there have served the Palestinian cause more than the Palestinian camps in Lebanon, which harm the Palestinians."

Host: "So what are you asking from the Palestinians? They are powerless."

Sejaan Azzi: "I am asking the Palestinians to disperse again. Today, there are 500,000, or 100,000, or 200,000 Palestinians in Lebanon, or whatever... Lebanon cannot bear this, and the Right of Return is not happening. Currently, Palestine does not exist. We need to re-disperse them to countries that can promise them honorable lives. I'll give you an example. If today, and this should be done if it isn't dangerous... If the Lebanese government were to give passports to the Palestinians in Lebanon, I promise you that, within one month, at least 50% of them would leave. They need to be re-dispersed. Countries with a population density of 15% per square kilometer [sic] can absorb them. The oil countries can absorb them, and rich countries can absorb them."

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