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Feb 26, 2016
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Former Lebanese Minister Wiam Wahhab Warns against Turkish Interference in Syria: Cities in Turkey, Israel, and the Gulf Will Be Shelled

#5388 | 03:24
Source: Al-Jadeed TV (Lebanon)Mayadeen TV (Lebanon)

Former Lebanese minister Wiam Wahhab, in a February 26 interview with the Lebanese Al-Jadeed/New TV channel, threatened that "if Turkey interferes in areas controlled by the Syrian army, it will be shelled" and said that he had conveyed a message to the French that "we will target the interests of all the countries that interfere in the region, including forces that are in Lebanon." In a March 4 interview to Mayadeen TV, he criticized the Arab rulers, whom he said were "like beasts" that do nothing but "eat, drink, and sleep," and who do nothing to help the other Arabs.

Following are excerpts

Al-Jadeed/New TV, February 27, 2016

Wiam Wahhab: The Turkish [president] has started to beat the war drums, but he cannot do anything. It is said that he shelled Kurdish posts... Something meaningless like that... This does not count as interference. Some people say that I threatened that Turkey would be shelled. Of course, if Turkey interferes against the Syrian army, it will be shelled. If Turkey interferes in areas controlled by the Syrian army, it will be shelled.


Wiam Wahhab: I have conveyed a message...

Interviewer: To whom?

Wiam Wahhab: To the French.

Interviewer: Through whom?

Wiam Wahhab: I conveyed the message directly...

Interviewer: What was the message you conveyed?

Wiam Wahhab: The message was that we will target the interests of all the countries that interfere in the region, including forces that are in Lebanon. We will shell cities in Palestine, and we will bombard cities in the Gulf. I conveyed this to them.

Interviewer: What do you mean by cities in Palestine?

Wiam Wahhab: So-called "Israeli" cities. Settlements.

Interviewer: The occupied territories. I gave them this information.


Mayadeen TV March 4, 2016

Some of the Arab rulers are like beasts. They eat, drink, and sleep. That's all they do. They have no plan. They don't care about the other Arabs. Millions of people are hungry in the Arab nation. This hunger begets terrorism. I can tell you about Lebanon. What have they done for the poverty-stricken Sunnis in Lebanon? What have they done for the Sunni areas? You tell me. When they give money, they give it to a bunch of plunderers, con men, and sycophants, who consume the money, and the people get nothing. But can you deny that Saudi Arabia provided Lebanon with aid for decades? Where is that aid? Where is it? I tried tracing it, but couldn't find anything. Since the Taif Agreement and to this day, Saudi Arabia took from Lebanon more than it gave.


They send (the Palestinians) pennies, because they cannot secure serious support for Palestine. They send them some food. Brother, this food cannot give you life and cannot liberate your land. For liberation you need weapons and support. The airplanes that are used today against the innocent Yemeni people should have been used to defend Gaza and to regain the occupied Arab land. These airplanes that are killing children belong to Muhammad bin Salman, that lunatic who is leading Saudi Arabia into a reckless adventure, for which Saudi Arabia itself will pay the price.


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