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Nov 11, 2011
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Former Lebanese Minister Wiam Wahhab Vilifies the Qatari Leadership and "that Lowlife Gambler" the Jordanian King and Threatens Syrian and Iranian Attacks in Europe, the US, Israel, and Turkey

#3202 | 06:48
Source: Al-Manar TV (Lebanon)LBC (Lebanon)Al-Dunya TV (Syria)

Following are excerpts from interviews with former Lebanese Minister Wiam Wahhab, which aired on various TV channels between November 11-17, 2011:

Al-Manar TV, November 15, 2011:

Wiam Wahhab: With the first strike, the first missile, or the first warplane [to attack Syria], 1,000 missiles will fall on Palestine. That's only for starters.

Interviewer: You talked about Turkey before…

Wiam Wahhab: Missiles will definitely fall on Turkey if it participates… If Turkey creates a buffer zone, it will be bombarded. Bashar Al-Assad would lose his legitimacy if he refrains from bombarding them when they enter Syrian territory. He would not be able to claim to have the legitimacy of the people.

Interviewer: Would he bombard the buffer zone or Ankara?

Wiam Wahhab: No, he would bombard cities and US bases in Turkey. He would bombard many Turkish economic centers.


[The Arab leaders] have made a decision to topple Syria, and we have made a decision to prevent this. When the time is right, they will pay the price – all of them, beginning with that disobedient Emir in Qatar, through that lowlife gambler, his royal whoreness the Jordanian king, who issued a statement today…

Interviewer: He said: "If I were in Al-Assad's shoes, I would step down." He said that Al-Assad should prepare for the transitional stage with his reforms…

Wiam Wahhab: First of all, his royal whoreness steals…

Interviewer: You mean royal highness….

Wiam Wahhab: He is the Jordanian royal whoreness... They call him "royal highness," but he's a royal whoreness. These people were the first to collaborate with Israel, the first to breach the Arab boycott of Israel, the first to betray Palestine and sell it out – them and their forefathers.


Did you know that this king steals from the Jordanian treasury, and delays the payment of salaries, so that he can go and gamble in South Africa? He goes all the way to South Africa, because there aren't many Arabs who might see him there. He delays the payment of salaries and takes money from the treasury, so that he can go gamble in South Africa…

Interviewer: Does he win or lose?

Wiam Wahhab: He always loses. He had to sell his private jet. He gambled it away.

Interviewer: When the Arab revolutions began…

Wiam Wahhab: He sold it, and had to return by a chartered plane.

Interviewer: You know a whole lot of details…

Wiam Wahhab: I know everything about him. The Jordanians keep me informed. I'm not making anything up.


I tell the Syrians that if a committee [of the Arab League] arrives in Syria, they should attack its members and drag them through the streets.


Al-Dunya TV, November 17, 2011:

Wiam Wahhab: That impudent [Turkish foreign minister] Davutoğlu, who looks like a fox, is making threats today… They killed a million and a half Armenians, and by now, they have killed 45,000 Kurds, yet all of a sudden, they are shedding tears over the [Syrian] people. That's just great. They love people all of a sudden. Only yesterday, they attacked innocent civilians in north Iraq.


Can this [Syrian] people possibly be defeated?! What's your story? Who will attack you – that Bedouin, Hamad bin Jassim?! Don't pay attention to any of those statements. You are steadfast! You stand by your army, your president, and your country! Nobody in the universe can defeat you, even if the entire world gangs up on you. Are you afraid of that Bedouin with his 200 soldiers? Are you afraid of those virtual Gulf states? What are those countries, anyway? They are donkeys carrying money. Donkeys carrying money are still donkeys.


[In 1982] the Americans entered Lebanon. At the price of a single suicide bomber, 400 Americans were killed at the airport, and they fled like pussycats. The Americans, the French, and the Italians came to Beirut to replace the Israeli occupiers. At the price of the Beirut airport operation – a single martyrdom-seeker… Let me tell you, now there are thousands of Syrian martyrdom-seekers.


[Hamad bin Jassim] will die like a cat in the desert tomorrow. Tomorrow, the Americans will strip them of all their oil. They will strip them of all their money and send them back to live in tents.


[In 2006, the Israeli army] was destroyed with your weapons. Don't be afraid. It was destroyed by the Kornet missiles taken from the Syrian army. The resistance got these missiles from the Syrian army, and destroyed the Israeli tanks in Marjayoun with them. Don't be afraid. Syria has lots of weapons.


The resistance in Lebanon has 50,000 fighters and 5,000 martyrdom-seekers. The resistance will not allow Syria to be targeted. Get it?


If NATO wants to bombard Syria… Let us all think together… They have 15,000 soldiers in Lebanon. How do they expect to bombard Syria and generate chaos in Syria and Lebanon, when they have 15,000 soldiers stationed in Lebanon?! We do not intend to attack the UNIFIL forces in Lebanon, because we support their presence in Lebanon, but if there is chaos, what will happen then?


LBC TV, November 10, 2011:

Nobody denies that they are capable of causing great destruction in Iran, but Iran is capable of causing destruction on the other side as well. The difference between Iran [and Syria] is that Iran is capable of striking anywhere. I'm not talking only about the capabilities of Iran as a state. It is capable of striking in Europe and in America.

Interviewer: You mean what is referred to by the West as "terrorist capabilities"…

Wiam Wahhab: Why "terrorist"? The US and Europe are conducting state-sponsored terrorism today.


What I'm telling you are the facts, not commentary. If Iran is attacked, it will retaliate mercilessly, and if Iran is not attacked, it will not attack anyone.


Half an hour after an attack on Iran, the [Iranian] bombardment will begin on all the US bases, and all the way to occupied Palestine.

Interviewer: All the US bases?

Wiam Wahhab: All the bases from which missiles are launched will be largely destroyed.

Interviewer: Why didn't Syria retaliate for the [2007] attack on Deir Al-Zour?

Wiam Wahhab: Ask them.


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