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Jan 27, 2021
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Fmr. Lebanese FM Farès Bouez: Biden's Team Dominated By Jews; Benjamin Franklin Warned Americans That The Jews Would Eat Their Children

#8654 | 02:01
Source: OTV (Lebanon)

Former Lebanese Foreign Minister Farès Bouez said that Biden’s presidency would not mean a great change in U.S. policies because of Jewish and Israeli influence over the United States and American political life. Bouez said this in an interview that aired on OTV (Lebanon) on January 27, 2021. He added that ten members of President Joe Biden's team are Jewish, and this indicates how much he is influenced by Israel. Bouez continued to say that no one should be deluded that "we won anything" with the election of Biden, because it would not be so easy to remove the "iron fist" in which Israel holds the U.S. political life. He continued to quote the infamous Benjamin Franklin prophecy myth. Bouez alleged that Franklin had said in Congress that the Jews would starve the American children and then eat them. It should be noted that the Franklin prophecy myth is, in fact, a piece of antisemitic Nazi propaganda published in 1935 in the Nazi "Handbook on the Jewish Question."

For more about the Benjamin Franklin myth, see MEMRI TV clips Nos. 6930, 6432, 6223, 6180, 4664, 4213, 3359, 3108, 2521, 2277, 2260, 1905, 1747, 1629, 1588, 381, 323, 224, 89.

Farès Bouez: "I believe it's a grave mistake to expect Biden to be able to act quickly. Biden is now putting his team together, and by the way, he gave an indication just how much of it comes from Israel. Ten of his aides, secretaries, and heads of intelligence agencies are Jews. So nobody should delude himself that we won anything by the rise of Biden. Israel holds the American political life with an iron fist. An iron fist! America cannot get rid of it so easily.

"This is not a question of whether one president likes it and the other doesn't. In the past, the iron fist was not as strong, and if a certain president wanted... Back in his day, Benjamin Franklin delivered a speech in the U.S. Congress, and warned America that the Jews 'will make our children starve, they will eat our children, and we should prevent them from being [here].' The circumstances were different back then.

"Today, the American policy towards Israel is not up to individuals. Like you said at the beginning, it has to do with deep-state America. Who is deep-state America? America of the money, the universities, the media... All of these are under complete control of Israel." 

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