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Sep 04, 2011
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Former Lebanese Defense Minister Mohsen Dalloul: George Washington Said the Jews Were "Blood-Suckers", Benjamin Franklin Called to Prevent Their Entry into the U.S.

#3108 | 01:31
Source: ANB TV (Lebanon/Jordan/London)

Following are excerpts from an interview with former Lebanese defense minister Mohsen Dalloul, which aired on ANB TV on September 4, 2011:

Mohsen Dalloul: If you examine the [Americans'] foundational texts, you will see that many of their forefathers were critical of American policy. Even presidents, like Jimmy Carter… If you want, you can even go further back, to the speeches of George Washington…

In a very important speech, George Washington called not to trust the Jews, saying that the Jews are blood-suckers. In the constitutional convention, Benjamin Franklin, one of the founding fathers, stood up and said – and I quote – "Gentlemen, let me warn you that the Jews might gather on American soil. They are bad seed, and so on and so forth. I propose adding an article to the constitution preventing the entry of Jews into the US." He was a president and one of the founding fathers.


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