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Sep 04, 2004
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Former Lebanese Culture Minister Al-Aridhi Expresses 'Doubts' About 9/11

#266 | 01:36
Source: Abu Dhabi TV

The following are excerpts from an interview with former Lebanese culture minister Ghazi Al-Aridhi:

Al-Aridhi There have been doubts about those behind the events of 9/11. With due respect to what Mr. Mahmoud said, but these are not merely ghosts, because the Americans have defined their enemies. They said it was bin Laden, then they said Saddam, later they published lists of organizations they consider to be terrorist.

We must ask once again, who is bin Laden? Who created bin Laden? Who is responsible for bin Laden? When was bin Laden used? For what purpose and against whom? American intelligence and the successive American administrations fabricated bin Laden and used him to confront Soviet influence in Afghanistan. Afterwards, when the role of this movement, the Taliban and bin Laden came to an end, there were documented negotiations between the American administration and the Taliban movement, for specific guarantees for oil lines in Afghanistan. These negotiations were held merely weeks before 9/11.

The same goes for Saddam Hussein. Who is Saddam Hussein? He was an ally of the American administration and he carried out activities which he agreed upon personally with Rumsfeld. He entered the war against Iran and other wars in complete harmony with the US.

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