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Nov 14, 2014
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Former Jordanian MP on PA TV: The Christian West Must Help the Muslims Expel the Jews from Jerusalem

#4612 | 02:15
Source: Palestinian Authority TV

In a November 14, 2014 interview with the official Palestinian Authority TV channel, Palestinian cleric and former Jordanian MP Ya'qub Qarash said: "We ask [the Christians in the West] to help us preserve the Pact of Omar, and expel the Jews from Jerusalem." Qarash occasionally appears on Palestinian Authority TV, discussing religious issues.

Following are excerpts:

Former Jordanian MP Ya'qub Qarash: We [Muslims] have neglected the Pact of Omar. One of the terms of the Pact of Omar, and I say this to people home and abroad... When [Patriarch of Jerusalem] Sophronius gave us the key to Jerusalem, he made us swear that we would not allow the Jews into the city.

Now we say to you – to the West, to America, to Europe: The founders of the Christian religion made us swear not to allow the Jews into Jerusalem. So how come you are letting them in? Why are you violating the pact? How come you are saying that the Jews have that right? It was you who made this condition 1,400 years ago. You said: We accept your rule in Jerusalem, on condition that no Jew is allowed in. The Pact of Omar was translated into all languages.

So who is it now who wants to allow the Jews into Palestine? Who? Some Christian Zionists? I'm addressing the West in particular: Abide by your pact! We will defend Jerusalem and will not allow the Jews to be in it. Not a single Jew will remain in Jerusalem. This is out of the question.

I say this loud and clear on behalf of the entire Palestinian people and of the entire Arab and Islamic nation. This also represents what our leader, Mahmoud Abbas, said 10 minutes ago. Not a single Jew or Israeli will be in Jerusalem, whereas Christianity will maintain its rights in full, like it has throughout the past 14 centuries.

We ask them to help us preserve the Pact of Omar, and expel the Jews from Jerusalem.


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