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Nov 26, 2019
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Former Jordanian MP Mahmoud Kharabshe: I Do Not Like Talking to Jews Because They Are Treacherous And Will Be Our Enemies Until Judgement Day

#7621 | 02:14
Source: A One TV (Jordan)

Former Jordanian MP Mahmoud Kharabshe said in a November 13, 2019 interview on A-One TV (Jordan) that the Jews have their eyes set not only on Palestine, but on the entire Arab world, and that they aim to expand Israel’s borders from the Nile River to the Euphrates River. He said that Jews are treacherous, that they cannot be trusted, and that he does not like talking to Jews because he has an “inner feeling” that they will be the enemies of Arabs and Islam until Judgement Day. He also said that Israel only understands the logic of violence and bullying.

Following are excerpts:


Mahmoud Kharabshe: Do not think the Jews have their eyes set only on Palestine. They have their eyes set on the Arab world in its entirety. They always claim that Israel’s borders are from the Euphrates to the Nile.




The Jews have their eyes set on our lands, on our people, and on all of us. The Jews cannot be trusted. Humiliation and destitution were cast upon them. They are treacherous and cannot be trusted. At the opening session of the political committee [of the Euro-Mediterranean Regional and Local Assembly], the head of the delegation from the Israeli Knesset said that it was high time for Jordan to stop speaking on behalf of Palestine. He said: “Jordan should know that in 1970, it killed 24,000 Palestinians, whereas Israel has killed only 2,000 throughout its conflict with the Palestinians.”

Interviewer: Look how wicked!

Mahmoud Kharabshe: That is how they generate discord. He added: “Jordan should realize that many Palestinians live on its land, and the time has come for the Europeans to sympathize with us. The few Palestinians that live in Israel and cause us grief, by jeopardizing the security and stability of our women and children – we should take them and throw them to Jordan, so they can live there, and Israel will enjoy security and stability. We have the right to live in security and stability just like you, Europeans.” To tell you the truth, I was taken aback by what he said. To be honest, I don’t like talking to Jews. I have this inner feeling that they are our enemies and the enemies of our religion, the occupiers of our land and of our people, and that they will remain our enemies until Judgment Day. Nevertheless, this was a battle, and I had to respond.




[I said:] The statement by the head of the Knesset delegation was not on the agenda. He has violated Article 14 of the code, which regulates the work of this association. However, this is no surprise when it comes to his country, which is a rogue state to begin with, which does not recognize any law or code – not even the international laws and the Charter of the United Nations. This country only understands the law of the jungle, and the logic of violence and bullying.

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