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Sep 01, 2004
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Former Jordanian Minister - In Praise of Martyrdom

#239 | 03:46
Source: Iqra TV (Saudi Arabia)

The following are excerpts from an interview with former Jordanian minister of religious endowments Dr. Ibrahim Al-Kilani:

Iqra TV (Saudi Arabia) Sept. 1, 2004

Al-Kilani: The Prophet Muhammad explained what Jordan's role is in the Hadith: "The Day of Judgment will not come until you fight the Jews and kill them, with you to the east of the Jordan River and them to the west of it." Today we see the heroes of Palestine renewing the covenant with the Prophet Muhammad, and serving as a great model for defense of Allah's religion. The people of Jordan are the ammunition for the people of Palestine.

We must salute the persevering Jihad-fighting woman, who makes sacrifices in our occupied land, and we must say that the woman who bids farewell to a son who is preparing for martyrdom, by saying to him: "May Allah accept your martyrdom, my son." This is the woman who produces men.

Abd Al-Aziz Al-Rantisi's wife relates that an hour before he attained martyrdom he was very happy. When he was granted martyrdom she said to him: "You have won your happiness, Abd Al-Aziz."

Interviewr:How wonderful!

Al-Kilani:When the wife of the martyr Salah Al-Din Darwaza learned on the radio of his martyrdom, she bowed before Allah and said: "Praise the Lord who awarded my husband martyrdom for His sake."

This woman, who raises men and heroes, is the victorious one, with Allah's help. When they are destroying homes with people inside, she says: "I place my fate with Allah. We will meet in Paradise, my son." It is this woman who breathes the spirit of Jihad and of resistance into the heart of the youth, the boy, and the husband. We salute her and the heroes and Mujaheedin and we say that any nation that such are its women, the wives of its men and the mothers of its heroes, will never die.

Interviewer: Allah, Allah, thank you very much.

Al-Kilani: 'Ammar Al-'Amarneh went to his mother to bid farewell before his martyrdom. He said to her: "Mother, pray for me." She answered him: "My son, may you be martyred."

Interviewer:This is so beautiful.

Al-Kilani: He said: "Praise the Lord." It worked! It worked! Allah accepted him as a martyr. My brothers, they are shaping history. In contrast, some mothers go from one hotel to another and from one nightclub to another. But, it is (the former) who are making history.

How beautiful are the words of the poet: "If you forget this enemy, you will be destroyed. Nurture the hatred, generation after generation, instill the hatred in hearts, until the hatred steers the swords."

Interviewer:Hatred of the enemy?

Dr. Ibrahim Al-Kilani:Hatred of the enemy. I must not forget my wounds, my homeland, or that my homeland has been occupied. Therefore, normalization with the enemy, which occupied the land and defiled the holy places, killed the people and removed them from their homes… This oblivion and this normalization are tantamount to saying: "I have forgiven you for everything." In the Islamic faith, Palestine is part of the Muslim's religion, and it is an Islamic endowment the (Jordan) River to the sea. A Muslim must not give up on it. That's why the hatred is hatred of the occupation.