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Jun 08, 2020
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Former Jordanian Minister Of Information Saleh Al-Qallab: Erdoğan Is The Real Supreme Guide Of The Muslim Brotherhood; One Day, He Will Stand Trial In Turkey For Terrorism

#8076 | 02:33
Source: Al-Arabiya Network (Dubai/Saudi Arabia)

Former Jordanian Minister of Information Saleh Al-Qallab said in a June 8, 2020 interview on Al-Arabiya Network (Saudi Arabia) that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is effectively the supreme guide of the Muslim Brotherhood, and thus the leader of a terrorist organization, since the entire world recognized the Muslim Brotherhood as such. Al-Qallab emphasized the danger posed by the Muslim Brotherhood and he gave the example of the 2006 Hamas coup in Gaza, during which Fatah members were thrown from tall buildings. He questioned why Erdoğan and Turkey are present in Arab countries such as Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, and the eastern Mediterranean Sea and asked whether he is an "Ottoman," referring to the Ottoman Empire's control of the Middle East. He added that all of this is a "temporary escape from the dark fate that awaits" Erdoğan. Al-Qallab elaborated that the day will come when Erdoğan will stand trial as a terrorist in Ankara or Istanbul.

Saleh Al-Qallab: "Erdoğan is currently the supreme guide of the Muslim Brotherhood. The Turks know this. Everybody knows this. He himself declares this. The Muslim Brotherhood is an actual terrorist organization. Most countries in the world - the whole world - consider the Muslim Brotherhood to be a terrorist organization. So he is the leader of a terrorist organization.


"I am talking from Jordan. I would not feel safe if there was as many as 20 Muslim Brotherhood members among us. We have been through this elsewhere. We've seen them also in Palestine, in the West Bank and [other] parts. They are still [ruling] Gaza. You know that they are present in Gaza. They took over Gaza by means of a terrorist coup. They threw Fatah members from the 20th floor. They threw them, there are pictures of this.


"In no military coup have people been thrown from the 20th story except for the coup of Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood. These are the people we are dealing with. Now they are talking about Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. What is he doing in Arab countries? Is he an Ottoman? We have moved on from the days of the Ottomans. We unleashed against them a liberation movement, the center of which was in Turkey itself. I'm talking about Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and his people.


"What is [Erdoğan] doing in Libya? Why did he try to enter Egypt? Why does he want to go to Tunisia? Why does he want to enter the eastern Mediterranean Sea? This is a temporary escape from the dark fate that awaits him. His problem is in Turkey itself. If he remains in Tripoli in Libya, he will become a failing political refugee and the day will come when he stands trial as a terrorist in Ankara, or even Istanbul."

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