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Feb 12, 2019
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Former Iraqi PM Nouri Al-Maliki: The Zionist Jews Brought Us ISIS, Terrorism, Sectarianism, Depravity in Universities

#7017 | 01:02
Source: Afaq TV (Iraq)

Former Prime Minister of Iraq Nouri Al-Maliki said in a meeting with educators that aired on Afaq TV (Iraq) on February 12, 2019 that Iraqi society is under "a dangerous attack" in the form of moral depravity that is taking place in the universities and elsewhere. He said that this is a result of a plot by the Zionist Jews. He further said that they brought ISIS, terrorism, and sectarianism to Iraq in an attempt to bring down Iraqi society.

Following are excerpts:


Nouri Al-Maliki: Let me tell you in all honesty: Our Iraqi society is under a dangerous attack. We hear certain information about cases of moral depravity at the universities and elsewhere. Instead of becoming schools for the leaders of the future, they have become agents of destruction. This is all the result of plots… The Zionist Jews head those who plot to bring Iraqi society down.




They are exerting efforts to thwart everything we have achieved in Iraq. When they saw that we had escaped from the bottleneck, they brought us ISIS, the terrorists, and the sectarians.

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