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Oct 18, 2020
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Former Iraqi MP Mithal Al-Alusi: I Support Anyone Who Wants To Limit Iran's Missiles, Nuclear Capabilities Because They Are A Threat To Iraq

#8406 | 02:00
Source: Dijlah TV (Iraq)

Former Iraqi MP Mithal Al-Alusi said in an October 18, 2020 interview on Dijlah TV (Iraq) that it is the IRGC that ordered the launch of Katyusha rockets against American targets in Iraq, and he criticized Iran's "killings, thefts, fascism, madness, and their occupation of Iraq." He also said that Iran's missiles are a threat to Iraqi and regional security, and he expressed support for anyone who strives to limit Iran's missile and nuclear capabilities. When asked if Israel's nuclear arsenal should be dismantled because it poses a risk to Iraq similar to Iranian nuclear weapons, Al-Alusi pointed out that Israel has never used its nuclear weapons and that unlike Iran, it has never threatened to wipe out a whole country.

Interviewer: "Who launched Katyusha rockets [against U.S. targets in Iraq]?

Mithal Al-Alusi: "The orders come from the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps. These orders come from the Iranian embassy in Baghdad, and from the IRGC command in Jurf Al-Sakhar.


"I love Iran. I love Iranian carpets, Iranian art, Iranian people, and music."

Interviewer: "Where do you disagree with them?"

Al-Alusi: "In their killings, thefts, fascism, madness, and their occupation of Iraq. If they had not occupied Iraq, what would I have against them?"

Interviewer: "They say that they are here to support Iraq, not to occupy it."

Al-Alusi: "Support Iraq by plundering its central bank? By spreading drugs in Basra and Baghdad? Or by cutting off water supply even to the people in Southern Iraq, all of whom supposedly belong to the same [Shi'ite] sect?


"The [Iranian] missile system is a threat to Iraq. It kills Iraq and threatens the security and stability of the region, and we are part of this region. Therefore, I support anyone who strives to limit these Iranian missiles, and to eliminate the Iranian nuclear reactor and the Iranian nuclear bomb. If they obtain a nuclear bomb, Israel will bomb it. Where will the radiation go? To America? To Moscow? To China? My own children would be the ones to die, my own country would be violated."

Interviewer: "So we should demand the elimination of Israel's nuclear reactor..."

Al-Alusi: "Who says Israel has a nuclear reactor?"

Interviewer: "It is out in the open."

Al-Alusi: "No, it has 200 nuclear bombs, but have you ever seen those Israelis threaten to erase a whole country? Have they used that weapon in 1973 or later?"

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