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Jun 10, 2017
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Former Iraqi Deputy PM Gives Up on Democracy: A Demagogic Process That Leads to Corruption

#6080 | 01:46
Source: Baghdad TV (Iraq)

Speaking on Baghdad TV on June 10, former Iraqi Deputy PM and Minister of Defense Salam Al-Zaubai said that "in a country infected with sectarianism, democracy and elections bolster sectarianism and disintegration" and that "democracy is a stupid and demagogic process when it is meant to crush the elites."


Salam Al-Zaubai: In developing countries, elections are a gateway to corruption. In developing countries, democracy is a gateway to corruption. It even creates corruption. In a country infected with sectarianism, democracy and elections bolster sectarianism and disintegration.


Interviewer: So the solution is dictatorship?


Salam Al-Zaubai: I do not support dictatorship, but I support the elite in society. In every nation, there are elites. But the people do not want these elites. That's exactly why democracy is a stupid and demagogic process, when it is meant to crush the elites. It's right before your eyes. Pseudo-intellectuals sit behind desks, signing documents. The ministers are illiterate. The military marshals wear flat caps, but they are clueless. They make statements on TV, without knowing the difference between present simple and a grammatical agent. At the same time, professional, capable, and honorable people are confined to their homes. Senior officers who have made sacrifices for Iraq cannot even buy a pack of cigarettes. Is this what democracy is all about?


Interviewer: So dictatorship is the solution?


Salam Al-Zaubai: No, not dictatorship.


Interviewer: So what is the solution? The people have elected them.


Salam Al-Zaubai: The Iraqi people is great. It has capable people. The elite must set standards for the political platform.



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