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Jun 29, 2022
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Former Iranian Diplomat Hossein Akbari: The Zionists Control America, The Media; They Want To Reduce The World's Population — What Else Was The Coronavirus All About?

#9670 | 02:00
Source: Channel 1 (Iran)

Former Iranian diplomat Professor Hossein Akbari, an expert on the Arab and Islamic world, said in a June 29, 2022 show on Channel 1 (Iran) that America is an “empire” that belongs to the Zionists, who he said control the media throughout the world. He also said that the Zionists believe that one or two billion people need to be eliminated because resources are scarce, and he suggested that COVID-19 was man-made. In addition, Akbari said that the Zionists put the United States in forefront so that people think America is the only enemy that needs to be confronted.

Hossein Akbari: "I believe that America is an empire that belongs to the Zionists. If we want to know America well, we need to examine the roots of Zionism, in terms of its ideology and its function as a tool. When everybody was chasing after gold and other types of wealth, the Zionists were looking [to acquire] media outlets. When was it? A long time ago.

"Today, the media is operating under Zionist control, not only in the U.S., but also in France, Europe, and everywhere. They are running the great volume of media, where the U.S. is also playing a role. This does not mean that the Americans are creative or forge [their own] policies. If we do not look at its roots when we look at America, we will have to ask ourselves why we have not been able to demonstrate America's atrocities. Because of the Zionists.

"The Zionists today are taking everything into consideration. Even with regard to biological warfare – they think that one or two billion people need to be eliminated, because the resources of our planet are scarce.

"Where and how do they make these plans? What was this coronavirus all about? Was it accidental or man-made? If it is man-made, then by whom? And what are their next steps? What are they after? Who knows about it?

"That connected Zionist network which includes many leaders of Western countries, and even several leaders of Islamic countries – what do they do? This is their secret power. They put America in forefront, so that everybody would think that we need to confront it [America], which we do, but we must not neglect them [the Zionists]."

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