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Jul 18, 2022
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Former Iranian Diplomat Amir Mousavi: Iran Is Technically Capable Of Producing A Nuclear Bomb; There Is Pressure From Inside Iran And From The Region To Change Khamenei's Fatwa Banning Nuclear Weapons

#9705 | 02:14
Source: Russia Today TV (Russia)

In a July 18, 2022 interview on Russia Today TV, former Iranian diplomat Amir Mousavi was asked about the validity of senior Iranian official Kamal Kharrazi's previous-day statement on Al-Jazeera Network that Iran is a nuclear threshold country and that it has the ability to produce nuclear weapons (see MEMRI TV Clip No. 9694). Mousavi responded that there is no doubt that Iran can produce nuclear weapons. He added that there is pressure from inside Iran and from the region to change Khamenei's fatwa banning nuclear weapons and that this may lead to reconsideration of the alleged fatwa. (see MEMRI Inquiry & Analysis Series No. 1022 and No. 1151). He explained that Iran has thus far refrained from producing nuclear weapons due to its "moral values" and its "principles," but that Iran's leadership is under domestic and regional pressure from its supporters to reconsider this policy.


Amir Mousavi: "Yes, Iran is capable [of producing a nuclear bomb] now. When you enrich uranium to 60%, you can easily enrich it to 90%, 93%, or 95%. This is completely normal, because the advanced centrifuges of the fourth, sixth, and maybe even ninth generation, are now made locally. These centrifuges are numerous.

"In addition, Iran turned off the cameras of the IAEA, because of the latter's infringements, the European countries' helplessness, and the U.S. withdrawal from the nuclear deal. Therefore, Iran is capable of reaching the highest levels of uranium enrichment.

"It is not the daily Zionist and American threats that stop Iran, but its moral values, its principles, and Imam Khamenei's fatwa. However, there is pressure coming from inside Iran, as well as from the region... The supporters of the Islamic Revolution, Iran's allies, and the resistance forces are all pressuring Tehran to change this fatwa, because the violations by the Zionist entity and America are on a daily basis.

"Today, we heard the Israeli threat, which was public. The Zionist Chief of Staff threatened Iran, and said that he had prepared a plan to attack Iran's nuclear program. This kind of violation may cause Iranian leadership to reconsider [its policy], and to demand to reconsider the fatwa by Imam Khamenei, for the sake of deterrence, and because our enemies abide by no moral values. Instead, they resort to the language of force and the law of the jungle. Therefore, there is a lot of pressure of Iran's leadership to change this fatwa. We will see what happens in the coming days. When Iran is forced into a corner, it might make harsh decisions in the future."

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