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Jul 01, 2020
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Former Hamas Leader Khaled Mashal: The West Bank Must Rise Up against Israeli Annexation By Using Any Weapons Available, Vehicle-Ramming Attacks, Stabbings

#8115 | 01:40
Source: The Internet - "Arab-London2020 on YouTube"

Khaled Mashal, the former Chairman of the Hamas Political Bureau, said in an interview that was uploaded to the Arab-London2020 YouTube channel on July 1, 2020 that today's Palestinian leaders must re-examine the plan for a peace settlement with Israel and that it is time to "turn the page" and to clash with Israel. He advocated the creation of a detailed plan for resistance that would involve every Palestinian living in the West Bank, Gaza, Israel, and abroad, and he said that in light of the Israeli plans for annexation, the West Bank must rise up using direct confrontations, every weapon available, vehicle-ramming attacks, stabbings, and other "innovative" measures. He added that the West Bank stands on the shoulders of a "great historical heritage" and that it is the West Bank of Izz Al-Din Al-Qassam.

Khaled Mashal: "Today, the Palestinian leaders, and especially the brothers in Ramallah - brother Abu Mazen [Mahmoud Abbas], the Fatah leadership, Hamas, and all the Palestinian forces which we fully respect... Today, these leaders have a great responsibility. They must take a stand and make a decision. Secondly, they must implement on the ground the decisions of the past, and re-examine the plan for [peaceful] settlement [with Israel]. Enough - let's turn the page on this settlement and clash with the occupation using our reason, our wisdom, and our determination. Thirdly, we must devise a detailed plan that would involve all forms of Palestinian resistance and every sector of our people. This plan will incorporate Jerusalem, the West Bank, Gaza, the [Israeli Arabs within] the 1948 borders, and the diaspora. If you'd like, I will go into the details. The West Bank is the scene of the annexation decision. What is expected from the West Bank is much more than we are seeing today and it is what people may be preparing for. The West Bank must rise and flare up under the invaders' feet, by use of direct confrontation, [use of] whatever weapons we have - vehicle ramming attacks, and knives - by means of all those innovative measures. The West Bank stands on the shoulders of a great historical heritage. It is the West Bank of 'Izz Al-Din Al-Qassam."

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