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Mar 30, 2015
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Former Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood MP Muhammad Al-Saghir: I Support the Saudi-Led Operation in Yemen

#4855 | 02:34
Source: Rabea TV (Egypt)

Muhammad Al-Saghir, a former MP in the Muslim Brotherhood government of Egypt, came out in support of Operation Decisive Storm. During a March 30, 2015 interview on Rabea TV, an Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood channel broadcasting from Turkey, he said: "I hope that it will not be merely a 'decisive storm,' but a conclusive thunderbolt."

Following are excerpts:

Muhammad Al-Saghir: I cannot simply close my eyes to the positive signs that have been evident since Saudi King Salman came to the throne. I am talking about the world of religious matters. There are honorable religious scholars who had been fired and banned from teaching at universities. King Salman restored them to their positions, and even appointed some of them in the Diwan. We cannot ignore this. I just saw Dr. Sheik Salman Al-Ouda, whose passport was revoked, and who was not allowed to leave his home, speaking about Operation Decisive Storm on Al-Jazeera TV, while visiting Turkey. We have seen many such things. We saw that some of the figureheads of Madkhalism, who had been supporting Haftar [in Libya] from within Saudi Arabia, changed their position.


I cannot overlook the positive signs, the most important of which is Operation Decisive Storm, against the Shiite, Iranian, Safavid danger. Iran has its eyes set on a Persian state. It wants to restore the Persian state in the Arabian Peninsula, and the Fatimid state in Egypt, which they occupied for over 208 years. As an Al-Azhar scholar, as well as a parliamentarian, I never give carte blanche. When something is good, I say that it is good. I support Operation Decisive Storm. I hope that it will not be merely a "decisive storm," but a conclusion thunderbolt. "Conclusive" goes beyond "decisive." This operation will not be conclusive unless it is also brought upon the Safavid Shiites who kill in Syria, and upon the Iranian Safavids of the sectarian Shiite Al-Hashd [militia] in Iraq. If this continues, I will be a soldier in this [Saudi-led] army. I will be a mufti there and preach for its support. However, if my car gets stolen, I am not supposed to go to the thug who stole it, and ask him to show me where it is. Purge Operation Decisive Storm of the name Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi.