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Nov 20, 2020
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Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Scholar Sheikh Mohamed Al-Sagheer To Al-Jazeera: Boycotting French Products Is Obligatory For All Muslims; Any Economic Contracts With France Are Null And Void

#8476 | 03:12
Source: Al-Jazeera Network (Qatar)

Egyptian politician Muhammad Al-Sagheer, who served as an advisor to the Egyptian Minister of Religious Endowments and an MP under Morsi's Muslim Brotherhood government, said in a November 20, 2020 interview on Al-Jazeera Network (Qatar) that boycotting French products is the least that the Muslims can do to oppose France. Sheikh Al-Sagheer, who was speaking from Doha, said that France is a colonialist state that is harboring "extreme Catholicism" and that is waging a war on Islam and the Prophet Muhammad. He added that any economic or business contracts between Muslims and French companies are null and void.

Interviewer: "Has the boycotting of French goods become an individual duty incumbent upon every Muslim on the face of the Earth, to the best of his ability? Can we say that whoever is not boycotting [France] is committing a sin? This is the second part of my question: Can we say that if it is an individual duty, whoever is not boycotting is committing a sin?"

Muhammad Al-Sagheer: "Boycotting French products is now obligatory for every Muslim. It is the least that any believer can do in support of the Prophet Muhammad.


"The least we can do is boycott French products, and deliver a message through the language of Dirhams and Dollars — the only language that [these] people understand. Whoever buys a French product is supporting France's economy, and France's policy of slandering the Prophet Muhammad and cracking down on Muslims. France is the only country [in the world] that is waging an open and continuous war against the hijab. While a hijab-wearing woman is elected to Congress in America, France prevents a [hijab-wearing] French teacher from visiting parliament."


Interviewer: "Does Islam allow boycotting even though we have [signed] economic contracts with them?"

Al-Sagheer: "Where are these economic contracts between us and them? I am a private person. I am talking about the people... I do not have any contracts or agreements with France. Merchants, on the other hand, do have contracts with French companies. However, these contracts have become null and void with the declaration of war against us and against the Prophet Muhammad. Is it reasonable that a certain country declares war against you yet you sign a contract to import ice cream from it? This would mean the ultimate decline of our faith. France is declaring war against us [by slandering] our most sacred [symbol] — our great Prophet Muhammad. Therefore, there are no longer any agreements or contracts between us and France.


"France is fighting against the Arabic language, against the hijab, and against the Muslims in their own country. The French culture is a colonialist culture. It is a dominant culture that strives to change the identity [of its Muslim citizens]. In addition, France is not secular in the general European sense. France is a secular Catholic state that harbors extreme Catholicism."

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