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Jan 13, 2014
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Former Egyptian MP Mustafa Bakri Threatens to Massacre Americans in Egypt if Al-Sisi Is Assassinated

#4113 | 03:45
Source: CBC TV (Egypt)

In a TV debate, which aired on CBC TV on January 13, 2014, Egyptian journalist and former MP Mustafa Bakri said that a plot to assassinate General Al-Sisi was being concocted in Egypt and abroad, and that if it was carried out, there would be "a revolution of massacring Americans in the streets." Bakri further said: "Obama personally will be held accountable, and we will slaughter the criminals and the traitors here in their homes."

Following are excerpts:

Mustafa Bakri: Today, I saw a statement by a Turkish military officer, who called upon Erdoğan to attack the United Arab Emirates. Erdoğan answered that this was not the right time. Now is not the time. The reason for all this was that the UAE took a clear stand in support of the Egyptian revolution.

This is the level of the plot conspired against everyone.

The same goes for Saudi Arabia. I think that the Americans will never forgive Saudi Arabia for the clear position in support of Egypt taken by the Saudi king, who also accused the forces that purport to be fighting terrorism to be supporting that same terrorism.

I am sure that the Americans will not forgive these courageous positions, and I believe that the U.S. rapprochement with Iran is partly an attempt to settle the score with the Gulf states.

Today, Obama warns Congress, the U.N. Security Council, and the whole world not to impose any new sanctions against Iran.


What frightens me, 'Imad, and I say this openly, is that there is a plot to assassinate Al-Sisi, and the security forces know this full well. This plot is being concocted not only in Egypt, but also abroad.


They are implementing the same scenario as with Benazir Bhutto. [Sis's assassination will occur] when there can be no new presidential candidates, so the elections will have to be between the 2-3 remaining candidates...

Former MB member Tharwat Al-Kharbawy: If this happens, the Egyptian people will not allow elections to be held.

Mustafa Bakri: That is another matter... But the international community...

Tharwat Al-Kharbawy: In such a case, there would be a third revolution...

Mustafa Bakri: Yes, but this time around, it will be a revolution of massacring Americans in the streets. No one will let the Americans escape. When the Egyptian people roars, it will have no enemies other than Obama, the Americans, and their lackeys.

Let anyone dare lay a finger on General Al-Sisi... All the Egyptians will brandish their weapons then, and we will slaughter the traitors and the criminals in their homes.

Let this serve as a warning to all. We shall enter their homes and massacre them one by one. We will not allow such a crime to be committed against a man whom we believe has saved this country. This warning is directed to all – from Obama to his lowliest collaborator from the terrorist organization [i.e., the Muslim Brotherhood] here.

They should understand this message very well and know that the Egyptians are tough.

TV host: I won't ask you for your sources, but are you sure of what you are saying?

Mustafa Bakri: Absolutely!

Former Egyptian General Mohsen Hifzi: It's a plot. I'm 100% sure.

Mustafa Bakri: There is a complete plan to liquidate General Al-Sisi, so that he does not become president of Egypt, because he is bound to turn into a new Abd Al-Nasser. This is the way they see this.

Obama was defeated, and he took it personally. Obama was defeated, and the New Middle East plan has been stopped. The Arab countries have become somewhat secure at the moment, and they believe that by bringing Al-Sisi to his knees or by killing him, they can implement their plan throughout the Arab world.


We have 90 million ticking bombs. If anything happens to General Al-Sisi, no American will be left on the face of the Earth – not in Egypt, nor anywhere else. We shall not keep silent.

Obama personally will be held accountable, and we will slaughter the criminals and the traitors here in their homes.

They had better understand this message full well.


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