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Jun 20, 2004
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Former Egyptian Ambassador to Iraq: Kissinger Arranged the Iran-Iraq War

#125 | 02:00
Source: Dream TV (Egypt)

Former Egyptian Ambassador to Iraq, Ahmad Al-Ghamrawi, was interviewed on the privately owned Egyptian channel Dream2 and talked about the Saddam Hussein regime. Following are excerpts from his comments:

Moderator: Do you really believe the Mossad can enter the (US) occupation prisons (in Iraq), select the scientists and kill them?

Ahmad Al-Ghamrawi: The first civilians to enter after the occupation were the Mossad agents in Baghdad. Then they spread out. Of course, they were given the opportunity and the leash was off. Then they reached the Kurdish region and bought (lands) there, especially in the border region. There were reports that the Mossad began buying real estate and hotels in Baghdad. The plan was to establish a Mossad base in order to follow Israeli and world Zionist interests closely and to commit crimes.

Besides, as I said at the beginning, the entire game is one of world Zionism, which dragged the US into the Iraqi quagmire.

In the early days, Saddam Hussein had a pan-Arab goal. If Saddam Hussein has been accused of being bloodthirsty, the US has proven itself even more bloodthirsty, since its victims are more numerous than Saddam Hussein's, and it is far more advanced in its use of inhumane methods.

The truth is that Saddam Hussein established a scientific base, which at a certain point in time became a danger. So Kissinger arranged the elimination of this force while making sure to eliminate the Iranian power by setting Iraq and Iran against each other. This way the two powers would reach their end. That was Kissinger's plan, which was unfortunately successful.

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