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Jul 02, 2015
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Former Al-Ahram Editor-in-Chief Osama Saraya: Ultimately, the Muslim Brotherhood Will Rule Syria, Libya, and Yemen

#5050 | 02:23

In a July 2 interview with Egyptian channel LTC TV, former editor-in-chief of Al-Ahram newspaper Osama Saraya said that ultimately, the Muslim Brotherhood will rule Syria, Yemen, and Libya. "It's either ISIS or them," he added. Saraya also said that former President Mubarak's only mistake was that he did not strike Hamas.

Interviewer: "Who would you call 'a good person?'"

Osama Saraya: "Let me surprise you and say that one of the kindest people I worked with was President Muhammad Hosni Mubarak."

Interviewer: "Why should it surprise me?"

Osama Saraya: "Because people do not see it this way."

Interviewer: "On the contrary, I respect you for saying this. Had you said anything else..."

Osama Saraya: "Mubarak was one of the kindest people in politics."

Interviewer: "In what sense was he kind?"

Osama Saraya: "He was patient with people."


Osama Saraya: "The only thing I can hold against him, when it comes to politics and kindness, is that he left Hamas alone and did not strike them."

Interviewer: "I see..."

Osama Saraya: "This was out of kindness. It is like not removing a boil growing on your behind. Then they started digging tunnels and..."

Interviewer: "Perhaps he ignored Hamas so he could play them against Israel?"

Osama Saraya: "If so, that was a wrong strategic decision, because eventually they attacked our country. They turned into a military militia that attacked the country from within."


Osama Saraya: "Even if I tried really hard, I could not imagine the Muslim Brotherhood would ever rule Egypt. I could not... I did not see this coming."

Interviewer: "You did not expect it."

Osama Saraya: "I expected them to be used. I expected that the leftists would use them to come (to power). But for them to rule Egypt? Never. No people, no military, no country, and no one in his right mind could accept this. No sane person could accept the rule of religious fascism in 2014-2015. The reality, however, is they are about to rule Syria, Yemen..."

Interviewer: "You cannot be sure."

Osama Saraya: "I am sure."

Interviewer: "No, we still have hope."

Osama Saraya: "What hope?! It's either ISIS or them."

Interviewer: "Neither ISIS nor them. I put our trust in our Lord."

Osama Saraya: "Some choice! They are about to rule Syria, Yemen and Libya."

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