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Feb 13, 2006
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Footage of Saudi Terrorist Abu Mu'awiya Al-Shimali Preparing for Suicide Bombing in Iraq in a New Internet Release Called "Fatima's Fiance"

#1037 | 05:18
Source: Online Platforms

Following are excerpts from footage of Saudi suicide bomber Abu Mu'awiya Al-Shimali, which were released by the Islamist Internet forum www.alsaha.com on February 13, 2006.

Letter: My brothers, the mujahidoon for the sake of Allah, what shall we, your sisters in Abu Ghureib prison tell you? We have been attacked by the sons of apes and pigs. They tore up our Korans, disfigured our bodies, and humiliated us. What have you heard about what we see here every day? By Allah, one of us was raped several times in one day by those apes and pigs.

Are you really unaware of what is happening to us? There are 13 women with me in prison, all unmarried. They are raped for all to see and hear. They prevented us from wearing clothes and from praying. One committed suicide after she was raped by an American dog, and then severely tortured. She began to bang her head against the wall until she died.

I, Fatma, your sister in faith, say to you: Remain faithful to Allah. Leave their tanks and planes, come to us in Abu Ghureib prison, and kill us along with them. Destroy us along with them. Don't leave us to them. Kill us along with them, and then maybe we will have peace.


Friday, December 14, 2004


Like all of us, Abu Mu'awiya Al-Shimali read the letter written by the sister in Abu Ghureib prison before she was martyred. He could not calm down, and resolved to avenge her death, and the deaths of all free Muslim women. He could find nothing more precious than his own soul to sacrifice for the sake of Allah, and to redeem the honor of his sisters. He asked Allah to accept him as a martyr, and to marry him to this young woman.


Title: The Shura Council of the Mujahideen in Iraq presents: Fatima's Fiance

Script: Abu Mu'awiya Al-Shimali, may he rest in peace.

Abu Mu'awiya Al-Shimali: America, the only things awaiting you here are these buttons. I have my bag with me. In it, I have TNT, and a gas container next to me.

The land is calling me, leading me to Paradise. The land is calling me, leading me to Paradise. The youth who follow religion do not care about the rulers. Oh Bush, you despicable son of a despicable man, you will bow your head. We've already destroyed the [WTC] tower, and we will make you bow your head.


Allah, marry me to the sister Fatima, who was killed in Abu Ghureib, and whose honor was defiled by the tyrants and apostates, the offspring of apes and pigs.

Photographer: May Allah accept you as a martyr and be pleased with you.

Title: The operation against a joint roadblock of the American and the National Guard.

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