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Feb 02, 2016
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Following Iranian Expediency Council Head Rafsanjani's Criticism of the Regime, MP Hamid Resaei Says He Is 'A Corrupter' and Should Be Treated As Such

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Source: The Internet

During a session of the Iranian Majlis, MP Hamid Resaei said that anybody who criticizes the Guardian Council is a "corrupter" and "must be treated as someone who spreads corruption throughout the land." His statements followed recent criticism of the Guardian Council by Ali-Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, Chairman of the Expediency Council. Rafsanjani denounced the Guardian Council for its mass disqualification of pragmatic and reformist candidates in the upcoming elections. For excerpts from Rafsanjani's address, see MEMRI TV clip 5298.

Following is an excerpt:

Hamid Resaei: Imam Khomeini said: Nobody can say anything against the Guardian Council and its resolutions. If anybody says anything against the Guardian Council, he is a corrupter, and must be treated as someone who spreads corruption throughout the land.