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Oct 17, 2022
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Former Russian Diplomat Viacheslav Matuzov: Israel, U.S., Ukraine Seek To Establish A New Israeli State In Southern Ukraine; They Aim To Solve Israel's Demographic Problem By Reestablishing The Jewish Khazar State

#9884 | 02:10
Source: Mayadeen TV (Lebanon)

Former Russian diplomat Viacheslav Matuzov said in an October 17, 2022 show on Mayadeen TV (Lebanon) that Israel, America, and Ukraine have a "big strategic plan" to establish a second Israeli state in southern Ukraine. He said that his plan involves the annexation of Crimea and the reestablishment of a Jewish Khazar state. He said that this would solve the demographic threat Israel is facing in the Middle East, and he said that the Jews are claiming that the Khazar territory is Jewish, just like they claimed that Palestine is Jewish territory. In addition, Matuzov said that there are "suspicions" that this was the real goal of the war in Ukraine, and he said that Jewish oligarchs "control everything" in Russia and Ukraine. For more about Viacheslav Matuzov, see MEMRI TV Clips Nos. 6422, 4187, and 3316.

Viacheslav Matuzov: "Most Russian oligarchs are Jewish, and they have great influence on the domestic media and economic policies of the Russian Federation. On the Ukrainian side it is the same thing. The same Jewish community controls everything. 100% of Ukrainian oligarchs are Jewish.

"In Russian political circles people are more than convinced that Israel, America, and Ukraine have a big strategic plan, which goes far beyond any armed confrontation with the Ukrainian army, or the situation in the Middle East.

"They plan to establish the second Israeli state in southern Ukraine, and they want to annex Crimea to that mini-state.


"This is the 'New Israel' plan, the plan for a new Khazar state.


"There is a demographic threat to the existence of Israel, if it remains confined to the Middle East, so they are looking for another center for themselves.


"The Khazar state used to be a Jewish state. Now they are mentioning this just like they used to mention Palestine. Today, we witness the same thing in Russia and Ukraine. So there are suspicions regarding the outbreak of this war. It is not 100% certain but there are suspicions that the goal behind this Russian-Russian war in Ukraine is to establish this major global enterprise, which is similar to the enterprise of establishing Israel in Palestine."

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