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Mar 18, 2022
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Former Qatari PM And FM Hamad Bin Jassim: Iran Is Our Neighbor, We Should Not Make It An Enemy – Why Should We Be Hostile To Iran When It Never Attacked Or Threatened Us?

#11199 | 03:21
Source: Online Platforms - "Ammar Taqi on YouTube"

Former Qatari PM and FM Hamad bin Jassim said in an interview with Al-Qabas Newspaper (Kuwait) that was posted by Ammar Taqi on YouTube on March 18-21, 2022 that Iran is Qatar's neighbor, that it has not attacked or threatened Qatar or GCC countries, that it is a regional power that should be treated as such, and that Qatar should not be hostile towards it. He also said that Iran’s policies would not change even if its leadership changes, and that Qatar should have a consistent policy towards it.

Hamad bin Jassim: "The principle is that Iran is your neighbor and you have to deal with it. I oppose creating an enemy out of Iran. Iran did not attack the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council."

Interviewer: "It did not?"

Jassim: "It did not attack the GCC countries. Iran did not attack Qatar. Let me give this small example. Iran did not attack or threaten us. So why should we be hostile to Iran? True, we have disagreements with Iran on many issues, but it does not mean that it is our enemy. It is not in the best interest of the GCC to be hostile towards Iran one day and start a dialogue with it the next day. I have said in several tweets…

"When Trump was in power and he was exerting pressure on Iran, I said that this was our opportunity to start a dialogue with Iran, and end [the rift] rather than be part of this pressure. Okay, Trump left, and along came Biden, and some [in the GCC] contacted Iran directly and some indirectly. So where is our credibility? We should be credible and stick to a clear line.


"Anyone who thinks they can bring Iran to its knees is deluding himself. Today, Iran is an important regional power, and we should treat it accordingly. Yes, we have disagreements with Iran, and we must tell it where its border is in the Gulf and where ours… Yes, we [in the GCC] agree on this. We agree on the issues that pertain to us, and that the Iranians must not interfere in our international affairs, and we will not interfere in theirs. That's imperative. But we should not dream, and I think that this dream has faded by now… Iran is here to stay…"

Interviewer: "What dream?"

Jassim: "The dream that there can be at one point pressure, and some other time, the regime in Iran would change… Even if the regime in Iran changes, Iran's policy will not change. That's my personal opinion. You will not see a change in the policy of a country that is thousands of years old."

Interviewer: "But in the regime prior to 1979 is different than the regime after 1979."

Jassim: "Okay, but was it the [ayatollahs] who occupied the UAE islands or was it the Shah? If the narrative is… These islands were occupied by the Shah, not by the people who came after him. The current regime has supported the Shah's view on this. If I were in such a position, I would not withdraw or give back things that were achieved by any president. This is logical. We do not live in a utopian world. Of course, I am not defending the Iranians. They are capable of defending themselves, but I am being logical."

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