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Nov 09, 2023
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Former Palestinian Authority Security Chief Mohammed Dahlan: Western Leaders Came to Israel to Make Sure the Jews Were Not Coming Back – That’s the Last Thing the Europeans Need

#10626 | 01:14
Source: Russia Today TV (Russia)

Former Palestinian Authority security chief Mohammed Dahlan said on a November 6, 2023 show on Russia Today TV that the Western leaders have been coming to Israel to make sure the Israelis would not flee to Europe. He said that the "last thing the Americans and Europeans need" is for the Jews to come back to Europe after the Europeans drove them out of their countries. Dahlan said that while he does not "underestimate Israel," when it faces the Palestinians, "it turns into a joke."

Mohammed Dahlan: "[The West] considered Israel to be a dry aircraft carrier in the region, which could serve to attack others, but found out that it is just dry. It dried out in twenty minutes. I am not underestimating the strength and violence of Israel. Absolutely not. I am not one of the people who refer to it as a 'spider's web' and so on. But when facing the will of the Palestinian people, that state turns into a joke.

"The [Western leaders] quickly came [to Israel]. Because the last thing the Americans and Europeans need is for the Israelis to flee and return to Europe. It was Europe that drove the Jewish people out. It was not the Arabs or Muslims. The Arabs and the Muslims protected the Jewish people in Iraq, Syria, Morocco, and everywhere. It was Europe that hat drove the Jewish people out, so [the European leaders] came to make sure that the Jews were not coming back."


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