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Feb 12, 2024
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Former Palestinian Ambassador To India Osama Al-Ali: Hamas Must Release All Israeli Hostages To Save What's Left Of Gaza; Hamas Leaders Had Better Not Return To Gaza, Because The People Will Slaughter Them

#10889 | 02:27
Source: Al-Arabiya Network (Dubai/Saudi Arabia)

Former Palestinian ambassador to India Osama Al-Ali slammed Hamas on a February 12, 2024 show on Al-Arabiya Network (Saudi Arabia). Al-Ali said that Hamas's leaders have no right to talk while they are not in Palestine. He called on Hamas to be "reasonable" and release the Israeli hostages at no cost in order to save what is left of Gaza. Al-Ali also said that Hamas is attacking the Palestinian Authority and claiming that it seeks to take over Gaza, however, the PA is Palestine and Gaza belongs to them. He added that while Hamas carried out a terrible and murderous coup against the PA, it in turn forgave them, and begged for reconciliation. Al-Ali suggested that Hamas leaders should not return to Gaza, "because the people of Gaza will slaughter them."

Ambassador Osama Al-Ali: "The leaders of Hamas are in Qatar, not Palestine. When they are in Palestine, then they will have the right to speak. They have no right to speak from Qatar, Turkey, Iran, or the Devil knows where.


"I believe, suggest, and demand that Hamas releases the 150 prisoners in its custody for free. Enough! Hamas should do this to protect what is left of Gaza and its people. If Israel continues to kill 100 people every day in order to release two [hostages], it will ultimately release them all while massacring all of Gaza. This will be a great loss. I suggest that Hamas hands the prisoners over to Egypt or Qatar – the good mediators out there – and say to Egypt and Qatar: 'These prisoners are your responsibility now, and you deal with Israel, and whatever you decide, we will accept.' This is what Hamas should do.


"Unfortunately, we continue to see many Hamas statements that attack the Palestinian Authority, and distort its image. They refuse to understand. Hamas media is run by juveniles. Juveniles! They say that [the Palestinian Authority] is coming [to Gaza] on top of Israeli tanks...What does it mean? Are we coming from Alaska? We are Palestinians and Gaza is [ours].

"The truth is that Hamas carried out a terrible and murderous coup, which was unparalleled in the history of Palestine. Nevertheless, we forgave them, kept silent, and referred to it as a 'split' rather than a coup. We did all this and made all these concessions, in order to reconcile... We begged them for reconciliation, because we knew that they would let Gaza go to hell, and, indeed, this is what they have done.

"Therefore, Hamas must become reasonable. For their own good, they should transfer the 150 or 160 [hostages] to Qatar and Egypt, and tell Qatar and Egypt to do as they see fit. This is how they will save themselves. But the [Hamas leaders] had better not return to Gaza, because the people of Gaza will slaughter them."

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