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Feb 11, 2021
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Former Lebanese Minister Of The Interior Nohad Machnouk: Lebanon Is Under Hizbullah's Political Occupation; Israel, U.S. Behind Beirut Port Explosion

#8687 | 02:20
Source: Sky News Arabia (UAE)

Former Lebanese Minister of the Interior and Municipalities Nohad Machnouk said that Lebanon is under "political occupation," and that Hizbullah is politically responsible for the assassination of Lokman Slim. He made these remarks in an interview that aired on Sky News Arabia (UAE) on February 11, 2021. Machnouk said that the "natural political accusation for the assassination of Slim should be directed towards Hizbullah, because he had a "long-lasting rivalry" with them. However, he said, no court in Lebanon would charge Hizbullah or any other party with such crimes. Machnouk went on to suggest that Israel and U.S. President Trump took responsibility for the Beirut Port explosion, but quickly took it back after realizing that this constitutes a crime against humanity which can send the perpetrating country to the ICC.

Nohad Machnouk: "There is a major international regional conflict, of which Lebanon constitutes an essential part, due to Hizbullah's presence, in the fields of security, military, and politics. Lebanon today, in a nutshell, is a country under political occupation.


"The natural political accusation for the assassination of Lokman Slim – the researcher, the thinker, and the political activist – is directed towards Hizbullah. This is a natural political accusation, since he had a long-standing rivalry with the political, religious, and regional approach [of Hizbullah]. The legal charge is a different matter. That is for the court to decide. But there is no court in Lebanon that can charge Hizbullah or others for perpetrating a crime like this. 


"I still insist on saying – and this is not just talk but possibly even more – that it was Israel who perpetrated the Beirut Port explosion. The scale of the explosion...The proof is that Haaretz newspaper, or rather its website, only ten minutes after the blast, took responsibility for the explosion, and U.S. President Donald Trump also took responsibility for this on Twitter. But after a few minutes, the tweet and the post in Haaretz disappeared. This is because they understood that the explosion was a crime against humanity, which could send the country that carried it out or took part in it to the ICC."

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