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Jan 29, 2022
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Former Lebanese Interior Minister Ahmad Fatfat: Hizbullah Only Uses Its Weapons Against The Lebanese People, To Impose Its Political Conditions And Prevent Beirut Port Inquest

#9347 | 02:06
Source: Al-Arabiya Network (Dubai/Saudi Arabia)

Former Lebanese Interior Minister Ahmad Fatfat said in a January 29, 2022 interview on Al-Arabiya Network (Saudi Arabia) that Hizbullah’s weapons are illegal and that they have been used against nobody except the Lebanese people since the 2006 war with Israel. He said that Hizbullah assassinates politicians, journalists, and opinion leaders, and he gave the examples of Rafic Hariri and Loqman Slim. Fatfat elaborated that Hizbullah uses its weapons to impose its political conditions on the Lebanese people, that it had shut down parliament in order to have Michel Aoun elected as president, and that it shut down the entire government in order to avoid investigation of the Beirut Port blast. For more about Ahmad Fatfat, see MEMRITV clips Nos. 8805, 8745 and 8134.

Ahmad Fatfat: "Hizbullah has used its weapons in Lebanon many times. Since 2006, not one shot has been fired toward Israel, while [Hizbullah] has fired at Lebanese people many times. Many Lebanese leaders have been murdered, from the attempted assassination of Marwan Hamadeh in 2004, to the assassination of the great martyr Rafic Hariri, and the most recent assassination, a year ago, of Loqman Slim, who was a great intellectual and a Shiite too – but they assassinated him because he opposed their policies.

"This was [supposed to deliver] an important message, because they say that their weapons are used [only] for the liberation of the land. They have liberated nothing. The only thing that liberated Lebanon is the national unity, which they oppose. On the contrary, they are fighting the democratic forces in the country. They murder journalists, politicians, and opinion leaders.

"They force their conditions on the parliament. They shut down the parliament for two and a half years so they can impose the election of Michel Aoun – their lackey – as president. They completed shut down the government for three months, until two weeks ago, because they oppose the investigation of the Beirut Port blast.

"Over the past 15 years, their weapons have only been used inside Lebanon. In 2008, they invaded Beirut, and tormented the people of Beirut, killing more than 180 of them. These weapons are used in Lebanon against Lebanese people every day. They use these weapons to impose their political conditions, which they present as shared decisions, but in fact are forced upon the Lebanese. These weapons are illegal, and they cannot be accepted. The Lebanese people reject this and have to deal with this every day and every hour."

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