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Jan 11, 2022
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Former Lebanese MP Mustapha Allouch: The Only Way To Stop Lebanon's Dissolution Is To Remove The 'Cancer' Of Hizbullah, Protect The Taif Agreement

#9309 | 03:05
Source: The Internet - "Spot Shot Online (Lebanon)"

Former Lebanese MP Mustapha Allouch said in an interview that was posted on Spot Shot Online (Lebanon) on January 11, 2022 that the only way to protect Lebanon from complete dissolution is to get rid of the "cancer" of Hizbullah, which he referred to as a "rogue Iranian militia," and to protect the Taif Agreement. He emphasized that Hizbullah should be stripped of its military wing and forced to become merely a political organization. Allouch said that Hizbullah poses an "imminent danger" to the country and that Hizbullah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah wants to provoke Saudi Arabia into taking measures that would push the Lebanese people to rely only on Iran. He also said that Nasrallah has been advocating for Lebanon to fall under Iran's Rule of the Jurisprudent, and that the only alternative would be for Lebanon to split along religious lies and “obliterate” the Lebanese state as it was established in 1920.

Mustapha Allouch: "Lebanon is heading towards dissolution as we speak. It has been moving that direction for several years now. Ever since the myth of the Rule of the Jurisprudent began to play with the heads of some of the Lebanese, and turned in a military reality, ruling this country... What is the alternative? Either the Rule of the Jurisprudent controls the entire country, like Hassan Nasrallah has advocated several times, or the rest of the forces in Lebanon will say: You can have your religion, and we will have ours. You can go to one place and we will go to another. This means that Lebanon of 1920 will sink into oblivion.


"Hassan Nasrallah wants to increase the rift between the Lebanese on the one hand and Saudi Arabia and the Gulf on the other. He wants to provoke Saudi Arabia to take more and more measures. In his view, this will make the Lebanese believe that they can only turn to Iran.


"Protecting Lebanon from dissolution means, in my view, protecting the Taif Agreement, and getting rid of Hizbullah altogether. I am not talking about the political wing. I am talking about getting rid altogether..."

Interviewer: "You want to get rid of both the political and military wings of Hizbullah?"

Mustapha Allouch: "I am talking about getting rid of Hizbullah, which means that it should turn into a political organization. This is how you get rid of Hizbullah, because right now it is not a political organization. They keep saying: We have parliament members... They are saying that they represent the 'resistance.' This 'resistance' is not theoretical. It uses weapons. They represent Iranian weapons on Lebanese soil. They represent a rogue Iranian militia on Lebanese soil. As a Lebanese, if I do not get rid of this disease, Lebanon will not be saved. Hizbullah treats Lebanon only as an advanced Iranian military post. This is why they did not ask questions when, in 2006, 1,400 people, mostly Shi'ites, were martyred. I heard it said directly: 'We do not have a problem if 800,000 people die, for the sake of the Rule of the Jurisprudent.' They believe that this international, regional enterprise is more important than the lives of hundreds of thousands of Lebanese.


"Hizbullah is the cancer that consumes the bones of the Lebanese state, and corruption is the chronic disease that gnaws at Lebanon's capabilities. Both are enemies, but Hizbullah constitutes the imminent danger."

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