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Sep 19, 2022
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Former Lebanese Foreign Minister Adnan Mansour: The U.S. Is Stealing Syrian Oil – It Is Only Natural That The Resistance Is Attacking U.S. Bases

#9847 | 02:07
Source: NBN TV (Lebanon)

Former Lebanese Foreign Minister Adnan Mansour said in a September 19, 2022 show on NBN TV (Lebanon) that the United States uses its military bases in Syria to steal Syrian oil, and that it is therefore "only natural" that the Syrian "resistance" has been targeting these bases. Mansour also claimed that Israel has been bombing targets in Syria in order to escalate the conflict by provoking Syrian retaliation.

Adnan Mansour: "If [Iranian] weapons are really arriving in Syria, bombing the airports will not stop this from happening, one way or the other. But I believe that with these bombings, Israel is trying to drag Syria into... [Israel] is bombing Syria to provoke a retaliation, so that things will get out of hand...


Along with the Israeli attacks, we are witnessing American attacks in Syria. It is trye that American bases have been attacked as well, but the American presence in Syria constitutes occupation. There are 27 American military bases in eastern Syria."

Interviewer: "It is notable that these bases are located where the oil is."

Mansour: "Yes, they are deployed there. The U.S. is stealing oil from Syria. This alone constitutes aggression. So it is only natural that there will be attacks against the U.S. bases. This is natural. There is resistance. The Syrians will not remain silent in the face of any kind of occupation — be it by Turkey, by the U.S., or by any terrorist faction in Syria. This is their natural right. This is why the military operations against the U.S. military presence will continue, and so will the operations against those factions."


"It is the U.S. that turned Europe into a fuel for the war in Ukraine. It is the U.S. that is benefitting from the war. It gives orders from across the ocean and the Europeans are carrying them out."

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