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Jan 02, 2020
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Former Jordanian MP Muhammad Tu’mah Al-Qudah: America’s Homosexuals Rule the World; 92% of Them Commit Suicide Due to Mental Illness; We Pray More of Them Kill Themselves

#7754 | 03:21
Source: Yarmouk TV (Jordan)

Former Jordanian MP Muhammad Tu’mah Al-Qudah said in a January 2, 2020 show on Yarmouk TV (Jordan) that there is a conspiracy to empty the Arab countries, particularly those surrounding Israel, of men by getting them to marry American women and to emigrate to the United States. In a January 9, 2020 episode of the show, he said that homosexuals constitute one sixth of the population in the United States and that they are “ruling the world.” He said that 150 of President Obama’s White House employees were homosexuals and that this is why he legislated laws to protect gays. In addition, Al-Qudah claimed that 97% of the homosexuals in America receive psychiatric care. Furthermore, he said: “92% of [American homosexuals] commit suicide, and we pray to Allah that more of them [kill themselves].” He added: “Their minds are like those of apes and pigs.”

January 2, 2020

Muhammad Tu’mah Al-Qudah: Muslim men marry American women in order to secure Green Cards. Today we are facing a scheme to empty the Arab countries of males – particularly the countries surrounding the state belonging to the Jews. This is why they open the gates of immigration to America, Canada, Australia, and Europe. Young people who are at their peak and who should be building their countries are immigrating to America. They even have a saying: “We want their stallions to immigrate to America.” If a man marries an American he’s done for. If he marries an American, he might get AIDS. We’re not saying that there aren’t any good people there, but we are talking about the general framework, and we will talk about some terrifying statistics later.


January 9, 2020

The number of homosexuals in America has reached 50 million. One sixth of Americans are homosexuals, and they are ruling the world… That’s the tragedy. Fifty million and morality depraved people are ruling the world. One sixth of the American people are morally depraved homosexuals, and they are the ones who rule the East and the West. 150 of President Obama’s employees in the White House are homosexuals. They form the President’s closest circle, and this is why Obama is encouraging homosexuality, and legislating laws to protect them. Obama supports same-sex marriage, and his government is seeking to legalize it in America.


Ninety two percent of homosexuals in America commit suicide, because they are detached from religion. Ninety two percent of them commit suicide, and we pray to Allah that more of them [kill themselves]. Ninety seven of homosexuals in America visit psychiatrists. Imagine, if there are 50 million of them, how many visit psychiatrists? Due to the many mental illnesses in America, they had to build a new psychiatric clinic between every two existing clinics. The clinics they already had could not keep up. The hospitals that treat mental illnesses… The smallest hospital they have like the Medical City Center we have in Jordan. All these clinics for these 97% of homosexuals who suffer from mental illness. A quarter of American soldiers do not know who their father is.


“May Allah overturn the earth beneath them and turn them and turn them into apes and pigs.” Their minds are like those of apes and pigs.




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