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Jul 07, 2019
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Former Jordanian Education Minister Ibrahim Badran: Israel's Nazi-esque Racism and Barbarism Surpass Even Adolf Hitler

#7373 | 02:32
Source: Palestinian Authority TV

Former Jordanian Education Minister Ibrahim Badran said in a July 7, 2019 interview on Palestinian Authority TV that Israel is a racist state even more than it is a discriminatory state. He said that Israel's political and ideological structure rejects the "other" in a "Nazi Hitleresque" manner that wants to kill and destroy others. Badran claimed that this ideology has been "passed down" from one government to another and from one political party to another, and he said that Israel's left-wing and right-wing political parties both belong to the racist camp. Badran said that Israel's barbarism and racism has surpassed Adolf Hitler's because Israel kills people slowly and destroys their property, their heritage, their culture, and their history, while Hitler had merely killed a lot of people in a short period of time. Badran went on to claim that Mizrahi Jews in Israel are discriminated against and that they cannot reach high-ranking positions, that they cannot travel freely, and that they are criticized for their lack of patriotism. The interviewer pointed out the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas had written about Mizrahi Jews and about the relationship between Zionism and Nazism in his PhD dissertation.

Ibrahim Badran: "What we see in Israel today is more racism than it is discrimination. It is not only discrimination, but racism..."

Interviewer: "In its political structure..."

Ibrahim Badran: "[It is racism] that exists in its political and ideological structure that manifests itself in rejecting the other in a Nazi, Hitleresque manner. That is, it is a rejection that wants to kill and destroy the other, and not only to oppose it. This has been passed down from one Israeli government to another, and from one political party to another. Even if the right-wing parties are a little different, all the parties belong to the racist camp.


"This is a barbaric and racist country that surpassed what Hitler did. The difference is that Hitler killed many people in a short period of time, whereas Israel is killing people slowly and destroying their property, while enjoying Western protection. It also tries to kill their heritage and culture, and to falsify their history. Another point that should be mentioned is the Mizrahi Jews in Israel, who are in a very bad state. They cannot reach high-ranking positions, they cannot go wherever they want to, and they are blamed for their weak patriotism or for its lack thereof."

Interviewer: "The best person who wrote about the Mizrahi Jews, their nature, their coming [to Israel], the way they think, and their possibilities for participation or integration, is President Mahmoud Abbas in his book about Mizrahi Jews. In his PhD dissertation, he also pointed out the relationship between Zionism and Nazism."


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