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Jan 04, 2020
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Former Iranian Diplomat Amir Musawi on Al-Jazeera: Iran has a Black List of U.S. Politicians and Military Officers; The Iranian Hand will Reach Them

#7694 | 01:53
Source: Al-Jazeera Network (Qatar)

Former Iranian Diplomat Amir Musawi said in an interview on Al-Jazeera Network (Qatar) that the Iranian National Security Council has issued instructions, sanctioned by Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, to all the branches of the military and they are now waiting for zero hour. He said that Iran has a black list of US military, intelligence, and political leaders and "the Iranian hand will reach them." Musawi added that this is not yet a comprehensive war and if the U.S. accepts the Iranian retaliation quietly, then this will end there, however, if the U.S. reacts with "insolence," Musawi said that he believes things "will go downhill" from there. The interview was aired on January 4, 2020.


Amir Musawi: "The [Iranian] National Security Council made seven important decisions and recommendations yesterday, and [discussed] the scenarios and the roadmap on how to deal with the terrorist American attack in Baghdad. The National Security Council has studied these scenarios with the Supreme Leader Imam Khamenei, who is the general commander of the armed forces. Imam Khamenei confirmed [the decisions] and issued instructions. The instructions were given to the missile forces, the IRGC, the army, the Basij, and the airforce and navy of those forces. The orders were given yesterday, and we are now waiting for the zero hour. The American bases in the region, the American movements throughout the region and even far away – especially the individuals who were placed on Iran's black list... Iran has a black list of U.S. military, intelligence, and political leaders. The Iranian hand will reach them.




"This is not a comprehensive war. I think that there will be an Iranian reaction, and then we will see how the Americans react. If the American reaction will be like in the case of the drone, when they remained silent and bit the bullet, I believe that that will be the end of it. But if the U.S. acts with insolence after the initial [Iranian] reaction, I believe that things will go downhill from there. We are yet to see."

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