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Sep 21, 2020
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Former Iranian Diplomat Amir Mousavi: Although The Europeans Are Useless, Iran Respects Their Political Position And Will Continue With The Nuclear Deal Until Trump The Bully Becomes Reasonable And Repents

#8309 | 01:32

Former Iranian Diplomat Amir Mousavi said in a September 21, 2020 interview on Russia Today TV that U.S. President Trump can still reach understandings with Iran if he repents and follows the guidelines of the JCPOA. He also said that President Trump must "see reason" and that the Americans must repent and become "more polite" in their negotiations, because unlike the American "killer cowboys," the Iranians are civilized. Mousavi added that although the Europeans are "useless," Iran will continue to follow the nuclear deal until the U.S. President becomes reasonable and comes to an understanding with It.

Amir Mousavi: "If America wants to reach understandings with the Islamic Republic of Iran, it must repent and become more polite, when it sits [at the negotiating table] with the civilized Iranians, who are not killer cowboys like the Americans. The Iranians welcome negotiations, and they proved they were worthy negotiators in the P5+1 talks, where they reached a result. Allah be praised, the entire international community supported this agreement, as was manifest in the consensus over U.N. Security Council Resolution 2231.


"But what can we do about this bully of a president, who rebels against international law?


"I believe that the agreement will continue to exist, as long as the European countries give it political support. It is true that the European countries are useless, but Iran respects their political position, and it will continue with the nuclear agreement, until the American President becomes reasonable and reaches an agreement with Iran in keeping with the P5+1 [track]. This is the condition of Imam Khamenei. If [Trump] repents, retreats, and becomes reasonable, and joins the P5+1, he can reach understandings with the Islamic Republic of Iran, like the previous administrations had. So I think the U.S. administration has a chance to reach understandings."

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