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May 26, 2023
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Former Egyptian Deputy FM Abdallah Al-Ashaal On Iranian TV: Iran Should Tone Down Its Threats Against Israel; I Also Wish For Israel's Destruction, But Fiery Remarks Are Unproductive

#10328 | 01:34
Source: Al-Alam Network (Iran)

Former Egyptian Deputy Foreign Minister Abdallah Al-Ashaal said on a May 26, 2023 show on the Arabic-language Al-Alam TV (Iran) that Iran should tone down its "fiery declarations" against Israel, particularly in order to make the rapprochement between Egypt and Iran more successful. He explained that "of course" he also wishes for "Israel's destruction," but that it is best to proceed with caution and that threats are unproductive.

Abdallah Al-Ashaal: "I would like the brothers in Iran to be a little careful with their statements at this stage. For example, and Iranian official said that Iran controls three Arab capitals. Naturally, this was exploited by Israel and the U.S. against Iran. The fiery declarations about Israel's destruction and so on... They should tone it down a bit, and work silently.

"Naturally, I also wish for Israel's destruction, but I am worried about Iran. The success of [the Egypt-Iran rapprochement] requires cautious steps and restraint. Fiery declarations are counter-productive."

Interviewer: "In any case, when it comes to Israel, any fiery declaration is appropriate. You also support this position, but since Egypt has some interests that it wants to protect, you are asking Iran to tone down its language. However, this is Iran's language. Without it, Iran would not be Iran."

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