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Jun 15, 2023
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Former Egyptian Culture Minister Helmy Al-Namnam: Obama Forced Mubarak Out Of Office; Sarkozy Ordered Qadhafi's Killing; Western Countries Exploited The Arab Spring To Neutralize Armies Of The Region

#10374 | 02:10

Former Egyptian Culture Minister Helmy Al-Namnam said in a June 15, 2023 show on Ten TV (Egypt) that it was President Obama who had forced Mubarak out of office, comparing it to the 2003 ousting of Saddam Hussein. Al-Namnam also said that then-French president Nicolas Sarkozy had ordered the killing of Libya's Mu'ammar Qadhafi. He added that Western countries exploited the Arab Spring in order to neutralize the armies of the countries in the region.

Helmy Al-Namnam: "There is a lot of information that should be made public. The transcript of the famous phone call between President Obama and Hosni Mubarak should be made public.


"Obama said in that phone call: 'Go, but before you leave, sign an order to form a presidential council headed by Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei, with so-and-so as his deputy. The rest is up to you.'


"The people who came through the tunnels [from Gaza] on January 28 – that was not just terrorism. It was a foreign invasion of Egypt. Let's call a spade a spade. The people who came through the tunnels on January 28 were not just terrorist groups. Once and for all, we are talking about armed battalions that invaded Egypt. The revolution was exploited to invade Egypt, in order to impose a certain person as president, as well as a certain form of government. This should be stated clearly.


"It all started in 2003, with the occupation of Iraq with Saddam Hussein."

Interviewer: "Right."

Al-Namnam: "The same thing that happened in Iraq was planned for Egypt, but the cost was too high for them. Egypt is not a tiny country. Therefore, the did it this way. This did not happen to Egypt alone – it happened to Libya as well. Why doesn't anyone want to open an investigation into who was behind Mu'ammar Al-Qadhafi's execution? Who gave the order? Who fired the bullet that killed Mu'ammar Al-Qadhafi? It turned out that it was not a Libyan. It was someone from the French intelligence agency, on President Sarkozy's orders. These things must be made public. The goal was to neutralize the armies of the region – to completely get rid of them. Look at what happened in Syria, Libya, and Iraq. The goal was the same thing to happen in Egypt."


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